March 4, 2024

Ag Onana: “Normal market rumours, he has a contract with Inter and is very happy”


Botines’ words: “Now he’s happy to play in the Champions League final, he’s always working to win trophies”

Albert Botinesagent of Andre Onana, spoke to TVPlay about the Inter goalkeeper’s future. These are his words: “Market rumors are normal at this stage but I’d rather not talk about it because it’s very early days and the kid is just focused on the pitch now.” Renewal? We have a five-year deal with Inter, there are four more years on his contract and now he’s just concentrating on the Serie A final and the Champions League final. He still has a long contract, don’t worry. He’s very happy, he’s playing in the strongest team in Italy.

I had my first contact with Piero Ausilio before Onana was disqualified. When the disqualification was officially announced, Ausilio reiterated his willingness to take him to Inter. He has since decided to join Inter despite numerous other offers. The final? He’s very happy and content, the start was a bit difficult because he had trouble finding space. He worked hard to replace captain Handanovic.

Now he’s happy to play in the Champions League final, he’s always working to win trophies, of course it was very difficult to get to the Champions League final. Onana likes Inzaghi very much, he is a very nice person who talks to the players all the time. That’s why he initially took on the role of second, and he also had an excellent relationship with Handanovic.

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