March 4, 2024

Andrew Howe is aiming for the 2024 European Championships


The dream of the Italian long-distance runner and sprinter, who will soon become a father, is to end his career at the continental event that will take place next June in his city of Rome

Andrew Howe always knows how to get a point across. He made it as a child, a wildly precocious athletic talent who vacillated between speed and long jump, and became the “snack guy” thanks to a successful commercial for those who knew nothing about the sport. He continues to do so today, having reached the career-ending milestone of a career filled with gold at the 2006 European Championships and silver at the 2007 World Championships in Osaka, before backing out and changing his mind. With a dream goal: to take part in the continental event that will take place from June 7th to 12th in his city of Rome. Andrew told the students of the Tasso high school and the private scientific high school of San Giovanni Battista about the months he had spent and about the illness of his mother, who, fortunately, is now doing better: “I said: if you can do it, leave “Let’s do it together.” And then I’ll soon be a father. That’s why I dedicate what I do to them.” “What I do” is nothing other than training. No longer in Rieti, but in the Martellini Stadium at the Baths of Caracalla. “I’m still in the introductory phase, but I’m confident. When I competed in Siena (he jumped 7.32, editor’s note), it was an emotion: I looked like a child, I was even late… And the desire is the same as when I was was 18 years old. And then there is the promise I made to my mother: to finish my career at the European Athletics Championships here in Rome and I will give everything to reach the finish line.


And Howe himself was the testimonial of the Roman afternoon entitled “Sport unites Europe”, promoted by the EuroRoma 2024 Foundation in collaboration with the Representation of the European Commission in Italy and the Office of the European Parliament in Italy and organized in Rome in the Esperienza area became Europe’s David Sassoli in Piazza Venezia. And Pina Picierno, Vice-President of the European Parliament, underlined an idea of ​​Europe that is not “a collection of bureaucracy that thrives on an existence detached from reality”, also because “every single one of our actions takes place without the social, cultural and…” Sports would be free. In short, a Europe of tracks, stadiums and platforms (right, Andrew?) capable of uniting through sport. Paolo Carito, General Director of the EuroRoma2024 Foundation, explained the progress of the organization of the event and in particular the volunteers who will help athletes, technicians and professionals on a daily basis. “Around 25 percent of the inquiries we received came from countries outside Italy and we are preparing to create an international team of young people who will make a significant contribution.” And you, Andrew Howe, have you ever done volunteer work? The question is obvious and Andrew says: “In the beginning I carried the athletes’ baskets, I helped out, and then the next day I went back on the field and wanted to do the same.” The spirit is always the same. “I’ll do anything to be there.”

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