February 21, 2024

Archery, good result for Italy in Catez


The first stage of the European Youth Cup in Catez (Slo) has ended: silver for Flavia Trabucco, Caterina Gallo and Martina Del Duca, quarterfinals for Davide De Giovanni and Fabrizio Aloisi. Italy third in medal table but with most podiums

In the first leg of the Youth Cup in Catez, Slovenia, the Azzurrini led Italy to third place in the medal table and captured 11 podiums between mixed teams, squads and individuals. Today alone they have contested five finals, but none brought the precious metal: Flavia Trabucco in junior recurve, Caterina Gallo and Martina Del Duca in junior and junior compound left the field with silver, while the students Davide De Giovanni (Olympic) and Fabrizio Aloisi ( Compound) at the foot of the podium. Overall, Italy finished the event with 2 gold and 9 silver medals, while Israel takes first place on the medal table with 4 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals, France is second with 4 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals stands. An away game that will certainly allow the blue group full of newcomers to grow: Both in recurve and in compound, the blues have shown that they know how to win the decisive matches with technical skill and tenacity. Now we have to take another step to overturn at the earliest opportunity the many finals that could have ended differently in the last few days, as today’s individual finals and the team finals in the days before showed.

singles final

In the recurve, Flavia Trabucco, who started as a student in the juniors, finished with silver: the athlete from Pescara was overtaken by Elina Idensen 6:2. The game begins with one set on each side, first for the Germans 28-24, second for the Blues 28-25. But then Idensen manages to get the gold thanks to the last two partial wins 27-26 and 29-24. Davide De Giovanni is fourth in the schoolboys after beating Frenchman Jules Pedoux 2-6. The Transalpine immediately takes the lead (30-25), then suffers from the return of the Blues (27-26), but this is not enough to change the inertia of the game, in fact Pedoux accelerates again and closes the accounts in the last two Sets 29-25 and 27-26. In the compound, Caterina Gallo is also silver among the students, losing the match to Israel’s Avigail Cohen 135-133. The Italian starts better and takes the lead after the 26:26 of the first volley (28:26). However, the opponent immediately recovers and counterattacks (29-24). The Italian tries to get back into play in the third set at 29:28, but is beaten by the last three arrows, which end in a 26:26 draw. Second place also for Martina Del Duca, who lost the junior compound final 139-138 to Aurora Janssen of the Netherlands. Back and forth in the first two volleys with a 29-27 on each side, then Janssen accelerates and takes a two point lead in the next two partials (29-28 and 27-26), the Blues win the last volley 28- 27, but it’s not enough to recover the opponent. Fabrizio Aloisi finished fourth among the students against Germany’s Noah Nuber with a score of 142-140. After the first volley ended 29-29, the Azzurrino can’t keep up with his opponent who takes all the next three volleys 29-27, 28-27 and 28-27, the triple 10 and 30 are not enough -28 by Aloisi in the last round of arrows.

team medals

Already at the beginning of the competition, Italy showed similar performances. After the 72 scoring round darts that produced encouraging results, the matches immediately led to the challenges worthy of the podium, but the results were no different. In the mixed team, junior recurve Roberta Di Francesco and Matteo Bilisari won the silver medal 5:1 ahead of Germany (Idense, Kramer). Two fourth places for mixed students. In recurve, Emiliano Rampon and Ilaria Tognozzi lose the final against Ukraine (Koyal, Ilyin) 5:3, while in compound Caterina Gallo and Fabrizio Aloisi of Israel (Cohen, Hadar) after an unfortunate jump-off with 147:147 (20:00 ) to be overtaken. 20*). The same situation on Friday in the team competitions, where Italy won three silver medals in recurve. The first two in the juniors, both after the play-off: Matteo Bilisari, Matteo Borsani and Francesco Poerio Pierà surrendered against Israel (Dror, Frenkel, Kleiner) 5:4 (28:23), France (Cordeau, Jakusic, Sebastian ) defeat Roberta Di Francesco, Ginevra Landi and Flavia Trabucco 5:4 (24:20). Among the students, second place went to Riccardo Alfano, Davide De Giovanni and Emiliano Rampon, again defeated by France (Grange, Kharchouf, Pedoux) 5-3. Now we are back in Italy and working towards the next international appointments. The first is the second and final leg of the Youth Cup in early June in Sion, Switzerland, where the Azzurrini will need to gain more experience to reach the real objective of the season: the World Cup category, where they will be held in Ireland, in Limerick, from June 3rd to 3rd. until July 9th.

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