February 21, 2024

Bari, attacking dilemmas awaiting Nasti or Diaw


For the technician, the department has yet to be built up ahead of Chedira’s likely departure

Mignani studies on two fronts. Attack. A strategy to accommodate the likely departure of Cheddira, who is being courted by Frosinone, Empoli and Cagliari. That is, a couple of tactical modules that alternate in the 90s. Premise. According to sports director Ciro Polito’s habits, the market games will only be closed on the last day of trading. Now it is legitimate to describe Bari as an extremely open construction site. It is true that Giuseppe Sibilli (27), an attacking winger with a dignified past at Pisa (three seasons in Serie B) and some writing touches, will soon arrive on the red-white field. Not really a bomber, but a pawn that could allow the trainer to better develop more offensive tactical lines. In a hypothetical 4-2-3-1 system already tested with other players last season, Sibilli and Morachioli would play on the wings, while Menez (or Frenchman Edjouma if he’s part of Mignani’s squad) behind the only one Striker Nasti or Diaw stands . The 31-year-old forward from Friuli already has an agreement with Bari, as does the De Laurentiis and Monza club. Barring trouble, he’ll join his new companions next week.

consolidated form

Mignani is not tied to numbers or static modules. He prefers that three pawns always act in the front line, without giving reference points to the opposing rear guard. But as the season begins, the Bari coach is touched by one question: will he be able to find three firemouths like Cheddira, Antenucci and Folorunsho? So a total of 35 goals. It is easy to deduce that Mignani, at least initially, relies on the consolidated 4-3-1-2. With the French Menez, who is supposed to support and enlighten the young Nasti, and the French Scheidler. An attack to be discovered. I’m waiting for Diaw, who has always scored a decent number of goals (last year with Modena he managed 10). And… of the two shots that Ciro Polito keeps in mind. There are some ideas, but also some economic resources. The Bari fans just have to wait confidently.

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