February 21, 2024

Bartesaghi and Florenzi the deputy Hernandez in Milan


The last economic effort should be directed towards attack and with the departure of Ballo-Touré (currently on standby), AC Milan will opt for an internal solution on the left flank. This also includes the spring of 2005

Mark Pasotto

In the meantime, let’s start with the current number: 30. Thirty like the members of the troupe. Too many or correct number? The first is good: Pioli told his managers, and then publicly. On September 1, his working group has to settle below this number, also because he doesn’t want “dissatisfied players who have known since Tuesday that they are not allowed to play on Sunday”. As the days tick by and the checkered flag approaches at the end of the transfer market, we’re beginning to understand where Milan will – could – still get their hands on the squad and where internal solutions are taking shape instead.


The left sector of defense is one of them (currently the priority is to provide the coach with another centre-forward). There has been talk of a new deputy for Hernandez for a long time, practically since the beginning of the summer. But the goals gradually lost their power. The first name was Rogerio (Sassuolo), who then ended up in Wolfsburg. Thus, attention shifted to Calafiori, which then entered Bologna orbit (although there has been a bit of a holding pattern in recent days). Obviously, everything at Milanello hinges on the departure of Ballo-Touré. Which since the beginning of the summer seemed self-evident and quite easy to do, but which obviously isn’t that easy. The Senegalese international understandably wants a change of scenery after two seasons in the shadow of Hernandez and Werder Bremen is the club to tie the knot with. Only the Germans are willing to loan him out while Milan want a permanent sale. The figures? Four-five-million would be fine and would also make sense to use it immediately on the center forward. At the moment the phase has stalled, but the departure of the full-back should happen in the end.


And here is the Rossoneri’s internal track. A final decision has not yet been made, but the line-up is to permanently promote Davide Bartesaghi, born in 2005 (December), who has done a good job all summer. One of the Spring aggregates to see what effect it has and it was a good effect. Pioli deployed him at both full-back and centre-back – Abate clarified in the recent Gazzetta interview that his role was not yet fully defined – and received reassuring replies. In addition to Davide, Florenzi could also act on the left if necessary, who has already played this bracket in the past – also at Milan. Milan could therefore make this scenario work well, even going from an obvious consideration, by noting Theo’s AC Milan syllabus. Look at these numbers: 36, 45, 45, and 45 again. These are Hernandez’s appearances at the Diavolo this season. In other words, if he’s fine and not disqualified, the others just have to pick up the crumbs.

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