March 4, 2024

Bets, Tonali and the plea agreement, lawyers in Rome tomorrow


On the table are the methods and content of the agreement that would lead to a reduction in disqualification by up to half. And with the Champions League approaching, there is a rush

Next week Sandro Tonali will know, if not everything, at least a lot of what awaits him after the voluntary disclosure regarding the forbidden betting affair, which was handed over to the public prosecutor Giuseppe Chinè during the interrogation last Sunday. Tomorrow, lawyers for the former Milan midfielder, now at Newcastle, are expected in Rome to discuss the methods and content of the pre-referral consent form, which automatically results in a disqualification reduction of up to half.

the situation

In addition to the agreement between the parties, the white smoke also requires the green light from the Attorney General for Sport at CONI and the Federal President. Steps that should in no way prevent the imposition of a penalty, but that open up the possibility of recovery for the footballer who has fallen victim to gambling addiction, as was the case with Fagioli. It goes without saying that there is a certain rush. We want to avoid an extension of the playing time, which could cause embarrassment given the Champions League game between Newcastle and Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday. Italian football law provides for a “possible request for extension within UEFA and FIFA”, so the disqualification is valid everywhere. The practice has effectively eliminated the “possible” so that the extension is not automatic but is expected for all official matches beyond the championship in which the sanctioned player takes part.

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