February 22, 2024

Bianchi sings Napoli: “Sad for Diego, Garcia will play with Osimhen again: he is unique”


The coach of the first Scudetto turns 80: “I have experienced the best in blue, even as a footballer… the city is unique”

Or like Ottavio, or like eighty, the birthday of the first coach who won a championship in Naples today. Because even if he achieved great results all over Italy, from Atalanta to Roma, from Avellino to Como, the historic tricolor of 1987 remains the highlight of Ottavio Bianchi’s career. A dual career, first on the field and then, reluctantly, on the bench. “I was ten years old, I was playing in the oratorio Cristo Re in Brescia and when they asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I assumed I would be a footballer. However, at seventeen I broke my first cruciate ligament and the doctors said I would never walk again! I didn’t give up and re-educated for two years until I could start again.”

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