February 21, 2024

Di Francesco: “Me, China, Zeman, Frosinone, Berardi and…”


The Frosinone coach: “Three exceptions, the worst in Verona. In my team we prevail. Berardi? I still use him as a role model for the boys…”

By our correspondent Francesco Velluzzi

– Frosinone

Eusebio Di Francesco’s perfect integration into the Frosinone system was evident on Friday night when the Pescaran coach invited 50 people, including players and coaches, to dinner for his birthday. In the words of Fiorello: good mood therapy. This is what you breathe in Maurizio Stirpe’s club, which never stops investing and driving innovation. When the results come in… “The win against Atalanta was a self-esteem boost. I missed the win, I’ve lost a lot lately.” Eusebio says it clearly, now that he’s calm, reborn thanks to work on himself, psychology, the art of patience, his son Federico, who now is in Palermo, all components that have helped him in difficult moments after three years of experiences that went badly between Sampdoria, Cagliari and Verona.

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