March 4, 2024

Di María eclipsed Cristiano: Great goal in Al-Nassr Square


Ángel di María scored the opening goal after 22 minutes in the friendly against Al Nassr. Fideo received the ball in the penalty area, bypassed Brozovic and climbed over the keeper.

Despite his 35 years, Di María has once again proved that he is a timeless player. Fideo, who decided to return to Benfica, scored a great goal in the Eagles’ friendly against CR7 and Brozovic’s Al Nassr.

In the 22nd minute, the striker triangulated with Rafa Silva, who returned the ball to him, and the Argentine called a time-out from one of the Saudis’ new faces, Brozovic, and played his crucial right foot in front of the keeper.

Di María celebrated his goal enthusiastically and it’s no wonder. The number 11 eclipsed his former Real Madrid team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo, who he faced again over five years later.

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