February 26, 2024

Eca, Al Khelaifi is open to returning from Juventus if he forgoes the Super League


The number one European club association is open to the Bianconeri's return as long as they forget the Super League. Juventus' response was confided to Reuters

They are waiting for it with open arms, but first we must abandon the Super League, a “stupid” project, according to the president of the ECA, Nasser Al Khelaifi, but which opens the doors to Juventus. And while a European decision on the UEFA and FIFA monopolies is awaited, the stalemate remains between the association of European clubs, led by Qatar, which succeeded Andrea Agnelli when it split off two years ago, and is all focused on the private championship The elite, along with Real Marid and Barcelona, ​​are the only clubs that still dream of another Champions League.


However, for PSG President Al Khelaifi there are no taboos, as he reiterated yesterday at the end of the ECA meeting: “If they stop doing what I consider a stupid project, they will always be welcome.” A clear message So, to return to the Eca family, which, in close collaboration with UEFA, rejected the attack of the private Super League and aimed to create a kind of closed transnational championship in which only the big teams had sporting and, above all, economic guarantees. A plan orchestrated by Real Madrid and Juventus with the support of Barcelona, ​​the only clubs left after fans forced the main English clubs to withdraw, as did other Italian teams, including Milan. However, the opening of Al Khelaifi was not taken up by the Turin club: “Juventus – the press service of Juventus informed the Reuters agency – is not currently examining the possibility of returning to the ECA.” At least until the ruling of the European Court of Justice, which will give its opinion on December 21st express an opinion on the monopolies of UEFA and FIFA in the organization of sports competitions.

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