March 4, 2024

Emma Marrone and Politano’s Napoli shirt


The singer received the shirt from Politano while she was in town for dinner

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– Naples

Emma Brown And Naples a love that has firm roots. Born in Florence but raised in the province of Lecce, the singer has always had strong ties to the Neapolitan city and last night she dined at a famous pizzeria in the center when she ended up celebrating the upcoming Scudetto a bespoke Napoli jersey.

Emma Marrone and the Napoli shirt

The city celebrates a 33-year-anticipated championship win and for whom only the mathematical officiality is missing to start the celebrations. So any occasion is good to celebrate victory and everyone is overwhelmed with euphoria. Including Emma Brown who was a guest at dinner in a well-known pizzeria in town Matthew Politano who gave her a personalized Napoli jersey.

the custom shirt

In a video that went viral on TikTok, Emma can be seen receiving the distinctive square box that houses the pizza. In reality, upon opening the package, she found herself in front of a blue club uniform with the number 1 and first and last name printed on it. Emma immediately put the shirt on poses on Instagram in a photo captioned Bella Napoli, complete with pizza in full view. Among the comments also like those of a Doc fan Nino D’Angelo: “You are really great!”.

Emma’s letter to Naples

Emma Marrone has a deep love for the city of Naples. Some time ago, after a city trip, he posted a photo of the beach promenade on Instagram with the caption “Tu si a Droga pe me!”. and a declaration of love to the city. “You see Naples and then you get numb,” Emma wrote, “with beautiful people, intoxicating scents, flavors that illuminate your taste buds and remind you of the joy of eating. Everything has a beginning and an end. But something lasts forever must know how to look for it in the small big things in life. Sometimes a journey is not only moving, it becomes much more. You were in the pizza that I ate. In the waves of the sea. In the scent of the Babbà In the notes of those who whistled: Yes, I know my way on the road. I don’t know where my path will lead, but I’m sure your hands are in mine. Your green eyes light the way. Your voice is there my throat screaming ‘live’.

the former Neapolitans

A passion for the city that she may have inherited from her former Neapolitans. Between love stories most important and best known of the life of Emma Brown, two of her friends were Neapolitans. Because Emma has already been with me Stephen DeMartino And Fabio Borriello. Who knows if it was they who gave her their love for the city and thus also for the city Naples team. Definitely in the lap of celebrations for the scudetto she too came legitimately from Naples.

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