March 4, 2024

F1, from Uruguay to Imola to see Gasly: ​​Pierre’s surprise for a fan


The fan traveled to Italy especially for the Grand Prix, which was later canceled due to bad weather. Still, the French driver made his long journey special

Federico Mariani

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The cancellation of GP of Emilia Romagna The F1 outbreak caused by the bad weather left many fans with a bad taste in their mouths and flocked Imola and surroundings to support their pets. There are even those who have traveled over 11,150 km just to be there. It is the case Antonella Bartolićfan of Pierre Gasly came to Italy from Uruguay. The cancellation of the weekend seemed like a mockery after so much effort. However, his story had a happy ending, complete with a meeting with the French driver of alpine.

the history

Antonela had left Montevideo to arrive in Milan on Tuesday. The next day there will be news of the cancellation of the tender. A mockery of the South American, a big Gasly fan whose helmet she even tattooed on one arm and who saw the Emilia GP as her first opportunity to see her darling live. His story soon went viral on social media until it reached Pierre himself. The French were impressed by the story and didn’t hesitate to look for Antonela to thank her. The meeting, to the surprise of the girl, took place in Milan two days ago.


Gasly gave his fan a warm welcome, who then gifted him a personalized Uruguay jersey. Antonela thanked the surprise on social media: “Proud of who you are. You made me the happiest person alive after the news broke that the race had been cancelled. I can’t thank you more than I already have. The story was then picked up by Pierre’s official fan club and Alpine: “From Uruguay to Milan. We tried to make Antonela’s journey a little bit better after such a long flight to the Imola Grand Prix.” A beautiful story in a nightmare week.

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