February 20, 2024

Fagioli disqualified: what he can do, training, return to the pitch, treatment for gambling addiction


Details of the Juventus midfielder’s situation: seven months disqualification and five months rehabilitation, instructions for use

Mario Canfora

– Rome

It is a very detailed agreement between the FIGC Prosecutor’s Office and Nicolò Fagioli. With the novelty of the 12-month disqualification, divided into seven stops plus five – and that’s definitely the innovative part – there was a switch to alternative recipes. Let’s try to understand what lies ahead for the footballer.

1. First of all, will he be able to train with Juventus or alone?

There is nothing stopping him from continuing to work with the first team, but it is a decision that lies solely with the club.

2. How did this new 7+5 disqualification formula come about?

Out of the desire to massively transform a negative case for him and the entire system involved into a positive opportunity. And here is the decisive push from Federal President Gabriele Gravina, who just yesterday morning in London stressed the desire to “recover those who have made mistakes and the importance of spreading positive messages from those who understand that they have made mistakes have made”. Because it was an agreement that came before the transfer, Gravina and the FIGC played a central role in the discussion about recovery and the positive messages that should be spread throughout the country. However, if the plea agreement had been concluded after the referral, there would not have been the approval of the Federal President, but rather it would have been confirmed by the judge of the Federal Court of Justice. Ultimately we can say that the Gravina line is passed if we want practicality. The reasoning was: It is pointless to add more months of effective stops beyond 7 (among other things, they would have fallen in the summer). Instead, let’s think about something really useful, that is, let’s turn it into an opportunity that we can talk about continuously Given the risks involved, I meet a die-hard player.

3. What exactly does Fagioli need to do?

Participate in a therapeutic plan lasting at least 6 months and in a cycle of at least 10 public meetings held within 5 months at amateur sports associations, federal territorial centers, gambling addiction recovery centers and in any case in accordance with the indications of the FIGC. In short, he needs to tell his story across the country and invite everyone not to fall into the trap of gambling addiction or gambling sickness, if you prefer. It will essentially become a kind of FIGC testimonial on the subject.

4. When do “lessons” start? And the treatment plan?

The so-called “lessons” are held at the end of the disqualification, because to be a model of rehabilitation (and proper visibility) the player must play. However, the treatment plan is already set and the treating doctor Paolo Jarre (Director of the Addiction Pathology Department of the ASL Turin 3) will prepare reports every two months that he will send to the public prosecutor’s office.

5. What happens if Fagioli does not comply with the recovery plan?

In the hope that this does not happen, he would face the sanction mentioned in Article 126 paragraph 6 of the Sports Justice Act, which allows the objection agreement with the Federal Prosecutor to be revoked. Disciplinary proceedings would then be initiated, which would result in a disqualification of at least three years.

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