February 26, 2024

Fatal accident: Ferrari against motorhome, 2 dead. Video


Two Swiss tourists have died in a head-on collision between a Ferrari super sports car and a motorhome. A Lamborghini and a van were also involved in the accident

On October 2, a tragedy occurred in Sardinia, near San Giovanni Suergiu, on the Sulcitana state road 195, in which a Ferrari collided with a motorhome. The two Swiss tourists, the 67-year-old husband and the 63-year-old wife, on board the Italian super sports car did not survive. They were charred in the passenger compartment, which caught fire after it left the road. The couple traveling in the motorhome, he was 62 years old and she was 61 years old, came from Trentino-South Tyrol and were injured. A Lamborghini and another van were also involved in the accident. The two victims had rented the supercar to take part in the Sardinia Supercar Experience, a meeting of luxury cars that started from Teulada to Olbia.

the dynamics

As seen in the video, the Ferrari was overtaking the Lamborghini on a single-lane stretch of road when it had a violent head-on collision with the motorhome, which continued on the opposite road. The Cavallino super sports car then left the road, caught fire and left the two Swiss tourists on board no escape, they were charred. As expected, a Lamborghini and a van were also involved in the accident, but without consequences. The fire department and rescue helicopter responded to the scene, which led to the route being temporarily closed in both directions.

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