February 20, 2024

First with the stars, then the Expo: Milan, the capital of padel.


Rome is still numerically inaccessible, but in Lombardy the camps and practitioners are increasing at an impressive pace. With two dates at the turn of the year that need to be marked on the calendar

Stefano Cantalupi

December with Premier Padel, January with Padel Trend Expo: Milan is ready to live as the capital of “Padel” for two months. And to affect the Lombard movement, which has been growing rapidly for several years.


The “Galacticos” Lebron-Galan, the “Superpibes” Di Nenno-Stupaczuk, the number one in the ranking Coello-Tapia, the legend Belasteguin and the queens Josemaria-Sanchez: they are the most famous signatures of the Milano Premier Padel P1, super tournament, the will be held from December 4th to 10th in the Allianz Cloud. An unprecedented spectacle for the fans, who already showed their appreciation last year by rushing the available tickets. Then, when 2023 is over and we enter the new year, Milan returns to “padelization” with the second edition of the Padel Trend Expo. The event will take place from January 19th to 21st, 2024 as part of the Fiera Milano City. Last year the event was sold out, with more than 100 exhibitors and over 18,000 visitors attending, who tried out the top brand's technical equipment and had the opportunity to attend training sessions with trainers of the caliber of Martin Echegaray, Marcela Ferrari, Maxi Castellote and Gustavo to attend Spector. This will be repeated in less than two months, also with regard to the tourism sector: in addition to clubs and sports clubs, there are actually many operators who have set up padel courts in their accommodation establishments or even on board their cruise ships.


All in a context, the Lombard one and more generally the Italian one, that is increasingly clearly ridiculing the world of padel. According to the discipline observatory “Mister Padel Paddle”, at the end of September 2023 – compared to the data at the end of December 2022 – Italy recorded a 16% increase in structures (sports clubs, padel clubs): from 2,792 to 3,250. The increase in fields was 20%: from 7,128 to 8,520. 38% of padel courts are indoor: 3,214 courts spread over 1,132 sports centers equipped with covers. The average number of fields per individual structure is 2.6. And there are 1,489 Italian municipalities that have at least one gaming facility (19% of all municipalities in Italy). In the period January/September 2023, Lombardy was the region with the highest number of fields and structures (32%, with 277 fields and 71 structures), development was also good in Campania (30%) and Veneto (29%). . And as for the more limited territorial dimension, Rome is the province/metropolis with the highest number of pitches, with 1,437 (385 clubs), followed by the provinces of Milan with 439 pitches (111 clubs) and Turin with 329 pitches (124 clubs). ) and Naples 292 (133). Estimates put the figure at 100,000 practitioners (those who regularly play padel) in Lombardy and around 45-50,000 in the province of Milan alone. Numbers that speak for themselves.

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