February 26, 2024

From Aouar to Celik, here's who Mou has his sights set on


“Wrong attitude, missed opportunity,” thundered the coach after the equalizer. All the accused, from the Algerian midfielder to those who came on as substitutes during the game

By our correspondent Andrea Pugliese

– Geneva, Switzerland)

“There are people who have the wrong attitude, who play superficially without even having a great history in Europe and who have missed an opportunity.” Last night, immediately after the disappointing draw in Geneva, José Mourinho expressed his disappointment about a draw that will almost certainly force the Giallorossi into the playoffs in February against a Champions League opponent. “From today on, anyone who asks me why he doesn’t play much anymore, I will tell them that he will only do so when the others are dead,” continued the Portuguese.

the defendant

But who was Mourinho angry with yesterday? The main defendant is undoubtedly Houssem Aouar, who also revealed a series of unending difficulties with Servette. The Algerian midfielder had already been targeted by Mou in the past (“When the level of games increases in intensity, he has problems,” said the Giallorossi coach), who then tried to give him more opportunities. Aouar's problem is the defensive phase, the aggressiveness he should have in the midfielder role in Mou's 3-5-2. In fact, he also said of him: “He's nice to look at with the ball at his feet, but he has to learn to defend with the team.” The problem is that Aouar is so afraid of making mistakes these days and is so focused on making them To help the team in the defensive phase, he can no longer even handle the ball well. In Geneva he did everything wrong with the ball, even the simplest and most elementary stops. He is a player gripped by fears who never fit into the team context.

the others

But yesterday Mou was also angry at those who came on during the game. It is unlikely that the focus was on Pellegrini, although the captain's performance was disappointing and some believe that he too was the focus. However, it was much easier for the Portuguese coach to refer to the various Spinazzola, Belotti and Renato Sanches, all of whom failed to make an impact. In fact, with a really superficial attitude and poor performance. Spinazzola's contract is expiring and he could also leave Roma in January. Belotti is someone who is struggling but who has become darker since Azmoun gained positions, and Sanches is a separate, mysterious discussion. “There are people who don't have a great European history and allow themselves to play with this superficiality.” Mou was also referring to Celik, who also played a weak game in Geneva. Another one of those Mourinho would like to see something different from, to no avail. Superficial players, “people who, when they play away, miss their mother's or their grandmother's dessert,” as Mou said a few days ago.

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