September 25, 2023

Futsal Playoff Championship: Olimpus Roma first finalist


Dimas reacts to Micheletto in the second race of the semifinals. Rafinha, Cutrupi and Sacon decided in extra time. The blues are waiting for Naples or Feldi

It wasn’t a catwalk like the first game in Pescara, but in the end what matters is for Olimpus Roma to win the final of the Serie A New Energy Championship. D’Orto’s Blues need extra time to beat Adria to capture the second, crucial point of the series and continue to achieve a tricolor dream.

complex game

At the PalaOlgiata, the game for Olympus Rome will be more complex than expected. Who goes down at the opening of Micheletto’s goal and is saved several times by the timbers (six goals by the Abruzzo players) and by Ducci’s saves. The usual Dimas sees the overcrowded Rome side awakening from their paralysis as the Brazilian star’s goal sends Game 2 of the semi-finals into overtime. The Blues take the lead here: Rafinha anticipates the corner from long range and puts Olympus Roma, Cutrupi and Sacon forward for the first time, the decisive shot.

Derby, Act Four

On Saturday the other semi-final, that between Napoli Futsal and Feldi Eboli, with the Azzurri leading 1-0 in the all-Campania series. The Cacau boys play the match point from within the friendly walls of Cercola, at the Volpi di Samperi only a flash remains to get into Game 3. Kick-off at 6 p.m., live TV on SKY Sport.

the championship board

This is the Playoffs, Serie A New Energy standings

quarter finals
1) Napoli-Meta Catania (1st game 5-4, 2nd game 5-3)
2) Feldi Eboli-Sandro Abate (5-4, 2-1)
3) Pescara-Came Dosson 7-2 (5-6, 4-2)
4) Olympus Rom-L84 (4-2, 4-1)

semifinalsThe – Race-2 (possibly race-3 03-04/06)
X) Napoli-Feldi Eboli 03/06 with 18 (3-2)
Y) Olympus Rome-Pescara 4:1 aet (4:0)

The final (Race 1 13.06., race 2 17.06, possibly race 3 19.06)
Winner X-Olympus Rome

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