October 3, 2023

Galli on Maignan: “Mike among the best. A modern number 1”


The former AC Milan goalkeeper tells Sportweek about the Rossoneri: “He has explosiveness, speed, eye, style. Up to a point, it’s the footwork that counts. Today, someone like Zoff wouldn’t bear it…”

Transfermarkt, a website specialized in assigning a price to every footballer in the world, is certain: Mike Maignan is the goalkeeper with the highest value today, 45 million euros. Giovanni Galli, who doesn’t study and analyze football at the table but plays it seriously and won everything with the Milan shirt between 1988 and 1990, is more cautious: “This boy has played two important seasons in Serie A, has improved.” He’s been through so much since arriving in Italy that he’s finally become a regular for the France national team. That said, it’s two years away in my opinion, not even full considering the calf injury that kept him out for months at the last championship, too few to call him the best of all time. He has certainly become a protagonist, he has entered the small group of the best in Europe, but others have a “history” compared to him, a wealth of experience and victories that must be taken into account”.

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