March 4, 2024

Gift Orban, the Nigerian striker who wants Tottenham


He started on the beach, grew into a club that doesn’t even exist on Google, they didn’t even want him in Norway and then gave him another chance. Then Venom entered the field and never stopped scoring. And Tottenham want him after Kane

The Nigerian club he started at can’t even be found on Google. No results, no social pages. It’s called FC Bison: It’s a small neighborhood team that doesn’t take part in the national championships. There are so many of them in Africa. Gift Orban got there when he was 13 years old before playing on Lagos beaches. His parents wanted him to study, so he watched “Adebayor” on TV and ran away from school to play football. Today he is the star of Gent, in Belgium, and he has already amazed everyone: 6 goals in his first six appearances of the season between La Liga and Champions League qualifiers. Last year, the hat-trick in the round of 16 against Istanbul Basaksehir was accomplished in just three and a half minutes. He was born in 2002 and has only been playing professionally for a year and a half.

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