March 4, 2024

Hakimi-Abouk, Sensi’s wife, intervenes: “Does the money come up and talk about cunning?”


Giulia Amodio sided with the Moroccan’s ex-wife, who placed her fortune in her mother’s name. The PSG player won a Scudetto with her husband at Inter

Their husbands played in the internet in the past. Julia Amodiocompanion of Stefan Sensi – midfielder on loan from the Nerazzurri to Monza – stepped aside Hiba Abukthe now ex-wife of hakimi, now at PSG but former Inter player. Even before the allegations of rape against the Moroccan by a young woman, the actress filed for divorce from her husband, full-back for the Paris club. Recently it became known that in the reason for the separation she demanded half of her fortune from the footballer and to her surprise she found everything in her mother’s name.

The gossip and entertainment site Whoopse spoke in these hours about the news, reported by a “cunningness that Hiba Abouk, if confirmed, would certainly not like” regarding the footballer’s decision to attribute the fortune to his mother’s name put, spoke. The commentary of focused on those words Julia AmodioSensi’s wife who steadfastly defended Hiba: “How embarrassing to see so much ignorance … A woman suffers a betrayal of another shortly after the birth of a child, moreover after a rape, and you applaud his ruse to cover up the money so as not to give him a euro ? But think back”. This is the comment addressed to the Instagram page where the case was discussed.

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