September 30, 2023

Inter, Lautaro is back and takes aim at Juve


A goal with Benfica and Empoli and returned to confidence after being dry 8 times between March and April. He has no positive tradition against the lady, but now he wants to change history

A week ago, before Inter-Benfica, Lautaro Martinez thought he had returned to one of those tunnels he sometimes took before becoming world champion with Argentina. Times when the way to the goal was an arduous path for him and beating the opposing goalkeeper was a kind of “mission impossible”. Instead, he scored the 2-1 goal against the Portuguese, which put a good deal of calm into the San Siro, who were worried about the Eagles’ current draw. Here’s how Toro broke an 8-game fast with the Nerazzurri jersey. All this without taking into account the two friendlies with the Argentina jersey, the games against Panama and Curaçao in which he did not score. The difficult moment, having now celebrated both against Benfica and at Empoli on Sunday, seems to be behind him and Lautaro is looking to start another string of important performances like in early 2023. Back then, returning from the World Cup triumph, he had scored 9 goals from January 4th to March 5th. Against Juventus he wants to… make a three-pointer and never stop.


La Signora is the team that Martinez has faced several times in his career: in the 15 games against the Black and Whites, he has scored both in terms of results (4 wins, 4 draws and 7 knockouts) and in terms of those scored Goals with a negative record (only 3). And when he managed to beat the Juventus goalkeeper, his Inter lost twice. All in all, there is only one goal he really remembers fondly, the goal he scored from a penalty in the Italian Super Cup final won on January 12, 2022. A goal in tonight’s Italian Cup semi-final second leg would ‘fix’ the situation, or at least make his personal record against Juve less bitter.


Lautaro has 19 goals in 2022-23, or -6 from his personal record of 25 centers signed last year. He has 7 league games available to cross the finish line, the Coppa Italia semi-finals tonight and the Champions League doubles semi-finals against Milan on May 10th and 16th. Plus the eventual final of the two cups to be conquered on the pitch. In all 10 or 12 games. In 2023, Toro has already scored 11 goals and, most importantly, surpassed 15 in Serie A for their third straight championship. He is on the path of Mauro Icardi, who has had 4 consecutive wins. At Inter he is now seen as a leader, a point of reference for the team. It’s no coincidence that he has -7 from scoring 100 goals for the Nerazzurri and entering a restricted circle of forwards. Knowing for Inzaghi that he opened up against Benfica and that he provided continuity with Empoli is great news. After Juventus, Inter will challenge two other big names like Lazio and Milan within a week. Taurus serves charged and inspired. Up for grabs are the Italian Cup final, a place in the top four in the league and a chance to fly to Istanbul for the Champions League final. With a 100% Lautaro, dreaming would be… a little less complicated.

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