March 4, 2024

Inter Milan Competition |


The two clubs are vying for more than one goal, so prices immediately surge

As we know, many paths cross in the market. But what is happening between Inter and Milan is unique, even more so, in strict alphabetical order. Where Inter is, Milan looks out. And vice versa. It almost seems so

The two companies are driven by an insane desire to compete: they almost give the impression of saying from a distance: “Let’s see who wins in the end.” A case? The result of a relationship that has become somewhat tumultuous as a result of the stadium affair? Perhaps. “Bad thinking,” someone said, “makes you a sin, but maybe you guessed right.” The fact is, the city is busy with traffic, and that constant overtaking and overtaking is having an effect. The effect that Marcus Thuram’s arrival at Inter headquarters, for example, must have had on the Rossoneri. Because it’s no secret that the Rossoneri were very fond of the player, even – it’s said – were sure they’d closed the deal before being taunted on the woolen wire. Was that really so? Difficult to say, although Simone Inzaghi seems to have stepped straight onto the scene with a very convincing call. Perhaps a reaction to the initial and very well-founded rumors that followed Tonali’s sale to Newcastle. With that money, a lot of money, Milan would have come up with the idea of ​​going to two very, very special names. Su Frattesi, which has officially entered Inter orbit for some time. And even on Lukaku, the Nerazzurri Scudetto’s centre-forward, the man on whom Marotta built a masterly performance between transfer and return to base. Fact is, Milan really tried hard and – and this is an understatement – caused his cousins’ disappointment. But as I said, it will be a coincidence, the fates of Inter and Milan have continued to cross continuously.

Also Loftus Cheek. Milan identified him as a linchpin in midfield, in recent months he has instead been approached by Inter. Perhaps as a counterpart to Onana, targeted by Chelsea before changing course and heading to Manchester. Now, of course, one wonders: but aside from the vicious abuses and a little revenge, is all this activism against the same players a good thing or a bad thing in the end? The risk in these cases is first of all to satisfy the sellers. On the other hand, it is also there to guarantee the will of the two clubs to do something that competes with top players. In short, a positive activism. That could one day expand and affect even the most valuable part of this summer’s market. Because from Juve, but also from Inter and Milan, many are at the window to understand whether and how the decisive attack on Milinkovic Savic should be started. And in this case, there would be no reason to suspect the two companies’ desire to challenge each other again. Because in this case the two trainers could even or just be the two trainers. Who were lucky enough to train him and know him well. Pioli welcomed him to Lazio Rome when he was 20 and entrusted him with a starting jersey after just five days. Inzaghi improved it and took it to the highest level. Are you saying it won’t happen this time? That there won’t be another tug of war? Maybe yes, but the same applies to the market: never say never…

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