February 26, 2024

Inter no goals from free play: so champions far away


Lautaro scored the last goal without a penalty in the home game against Lecce on March 5, then two penalties converted by Lukaku against Spezia and Juventus. Inzaghi calls for a turnaround

Over a month without a goal from open play. Inter are left without an attack and now fear to ruin the season for good thanks to the difficulties encountered in beating the opposing goalkeeper with continuity. In the last five official games between La Liga, Italian Cup and Champions League, the Nerazzurri have scored just two goals, both on penalties by Romelu Lukaku (against Spezia and against Juventus in Turin on Tuesday). And, if we’re going to be selective, they missed another penalty with Lautaro Martinez in the knockout game in La Spezia. Thought-provoking numbers that, along with the team’s inability to bounce back from a downsizing in scoring, define the current crisis in the league: three losses in the last three days, four knockouts in the last five days and qualifying for the Europe that matters is ready.


Why Inter can no longer score from the game is also a mystery because the offensive production, at least in terms of chances, is not so different from before: in La Spezia there were at least 28 shots on goal I bring the conclusions between the posts. 5. In short, the team hasn’t stopped… grinding goals: you just can’t make them happen. Just look at the pictures from last Saturday at Inter-Fiorentina for confirmation, with the big mistakes from Lukaku and Mkhitaryan. Who knows how the match would have turned out if Inzaghi’s men had taken the lead in the first faction…


It is paradoxical that the Nerazzurri began to suffer from amnesia in front of goal as Lukaku recovered from a double hamstring injury and defeated the opposing goalkeeper four times (three times with a penalty) in the last month and a half. With the Belgian not yet at the level of 2020-21, the other strikers pose the main problem, including Lautaro, who maintained the ‘hut’ for a long time in early 2023 with 9 goals out of 7 from January to March 5th. However, after the seal against Lecce (March 5th to be precise), Toro stopped and now it’s 5 games without a celebration. After winning the World Cup in Doha, the Argentine thought he had found continuity in scoring as a great striker and instead… Dzeko and Correa’s numbers are even worse. The Bosnian, who masked Big Rom’s knockout in the autumn, has not scored since the Italian Super Cup final on January 18. Just under three months… He’s always an excellent attacking playmaker and creates space for his teammates with his movements, but when he doesn’t hurt the sills. Does the contract extension that you haven’t signed yet also have something to do with it? Correa, on the other hand, hasn’t scored against Sampdoria since October 29. A date and an opponent also stuck in Barella’s mind, which has also been dry ever since. And if it’s undeniable that there has been something lacking in attack lately, even the midfielders and defenders have done little to remedy the goal problem. Going to the Champions League without reversing this negative trend is complicated. Inzaghi knows it, but so do the players. In Salerno, the music will also have to change in view of the away game in Lisbon. The danger of throwing the season otherwise is very high.

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