February 26, 2024

Inter, Thuram's secrets: How much is he worth on the market?


He watches his games on video, he has adopted the Nerazzurri style, he forms a perfect pair with Lautaro: that's how Marcus started

Davide Stoppini

From zero to 70 in three and a half months: Marcus travels fast, which is a beauty. Inter have found gold and now wear it at every game as if it were the Prima della Scala, more beautiful and elegant than almost anyone else. And of course valuable. Because Thuram is already worth 70 million euros today. When the striker asked for a 95 million clause to be included when signing his contract with the Nerazzurri club in the summer, that figure seemed objectively unassailable, except in the eyes of the most optimistic optimists. And now we're not that far away from what Inter could theoretically ask for their gem in the market today.


Gold jewelry, sure. Signed by Piero Ausilio, the sports director who pursued and courted him for two years before he could wear it. Also signed was Beppe Marotta, who gave the OK for acceleration with the final wage increase at the end of June – in the days in which Milan appeared to have taken pole position. Looking back, Marotta will remember his free transfer coup par excellence, that of Paul Pogba, who came to Juve from Manchester as a free agent and sold on to United for 115 million. So Thuram follows in the wake of his compatriot. Because the attacker is comparable to Pogba. Or to Onana himself. That is, players who have not reached the deadline because they are in advance with their ID card. To put it more simply: the protagonists were wooed and taken away from the competition with a high-level technical project and, of course, thanks to the offer of a top salary. Thuram is the perfect paradigm of what Inter wants to achieve: the enhancement of an asset in every respect, both commercially and purely sportingly.


So far, Marcus has completely immersed himself in Interism, mentioning in his celebrations the great Nerazzurri players of yesterday, but also his teammates of today. For example, he put his hands to his ears like Mauro Icardi from the good times at San Siro and turned his shirt in Naples like Adriano. Together with Dimarco, he also repeated the winger's classic celebration, but when he reached for the rifle, Lukaku-style, Lautaro waved at him with his little hand: perhaps it was the only moment when ThuLa didn't understand each other. Beyond the joy and celebrations, the Frenchman's impact was devastating from a purely technical point of view: all the result of a love of work and an attention to detail that affected everyone at every level in the Nerazzurri house. Thuram improves those who play near him. A few numbers to support you. The first is 6:6 like Marcus' assists, no one in Serie A has pushed a teammate to score like him. The second number is 15:15, like Lautaro's goals for the season, who has never had such a good start in his career. And of course a lot depends on the Argentine himself, but the fact of playing alongside Thuram is not a secondary advantage. ThuLa is the championship pair. And Thuram, the gold, shone in the hands of Inzaghi. The Frenchman quickly got to know a formation that he had practically never played with before. What's more, he memorized the movements of a team that had already been tested.

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Thuram is two strikers in one. He is both first and second striker, he supports Lautaro and at the same time looks for depth. But deep down he has yet to discover all of his qualities. Maybe that's why he loves talking to his father Lilian after every game to understand where he did well and where he needs to improve. A pass that he also makes with Inzaghi's stick. Thuram, they tell Appiano, is a devourer of videos provided to him by the club's match analysts: he studies the defenders he will face in the next game and knows how to judge what he will do in the last one made game. This is how you quickly conquer Series A. This quickly increases the valuation to 70 million. In doing so, we are also taking revenge on the big clubs that did not rely on him out of conviction: the connection to Bayern and PSG is not just a coincidence. Good for Inter for enjoying it all.

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