February 22, 2024

Juric: “I’m sorry, Torino, it’s my fault. I made a lot of mistakes, I have to give more.”


“We will start stronger than ever before,” assures the Granata coach, dejected after the defeat against Juve. “In these first games we saw very little of what we wanted to create, we are incomplete”

From our correspondent Mario Pagliara

– Turin

We had never seen this in the thousand faces of Juric. When the derby was over for almost an hour, he took a seat in the stadium’s press room. After the first question, he suddenly collapses in his chair, discouraged. In his two and a half years in the shell, Juric has shown many images of himself, but never has one been so dejected, discouraged or even desperate. “So it’s frustrating, it’s frustrating to concede goals like that,” he repeats, almost as if he wanted to exorcise the pain that is tearing him apart. “I’m very sorry,” he says, his voice seeming to get caught in his throat. “I’m very sorry for the fans because I couldn’t give them joy.”

my mistake

We went from encouraging fanaticism the night before (“encouraging the children to go further”) to self-criticism. Within 24 hours, Juric’s verbal tone changed diametrically: “I don’t blame anyone, the guys interpreted the game the way I asked. And they did the first half like we should. If we find ourselves in this situation, it’s my fault: this is.” “A start to the season that didn’t meet our expectations, we expected it to be different. I wasn’t able to give that little bit extra: I made a lot of mistakes.” What makes Juric’s face dark as night is the mini result of his journey after 8 days. “We are still unfinished: We started with an idea at the beginning of the season, but so far I haven’t been able to implement it the way I wanted. “We finished last year with great confidence,” he remembers, “there was a mixture of dynamism, aggressiveness and technique. We then started again with great confidence, but in those first few games we saw very little of what we wanted to achieve. We wanted to become a complete team, but we didn’t succeed.”

Strange things

It would be superfluous to talk about Milinkovic’s talent, but there is one thing Juric cannot understand: “Things happen in the derby that cannot be explained. We knew we had to be careful with free kicks, but I never thought I would concede goals from two free kicks from a corner and in that way. It will be difficult to analyze everything else… But I don’t blame anyone, the team wasn’t empty.” And he defends his boys: “In these two years, the team did their best.”

I made a lot of mistakes, I have to give these guys more. Of course it hurts to concede two goals like that after a corner

Ivan Juric

The target problem

In the last three games, Toro has never scored a goal and has prevailed between Lazio, Verona and Juve. “It wasn’t a great day for attack in general, even though I saw Vlasic alive. There are some problems ahead of us that need to be solved.” He reiterates that the hypothesis of the two strikers is in his mind: “The option is there, we will see during the break how we plan the continuation.” Even if we are against Lazio haven’t achieved much despite the missions with Zapata and Sanabria.” “. He concludes with the individuals: “Radonjic? No problem with him: I need everyone. Him, Sanabria, everyone who may not be at their best today. After After the break, we have to restart stronger than ever and with great determination. And “First of all, I have to give these children more and better.”

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