February 22, 2024

Juve, Chiesa extension: yes for one year. It's about Bremer and Vlahovic


The attacker's contract expires in 2025 and the club has received assurances that he will not leave for free. DV9 can be extended until 2028

Fabiana Della Valle

– Turin

Priority over innovations. While they wait for the market to reopen in January, Cristiano Giuntoli and Giovanni Manna are focusing on contract extensions. After Gatti, Locatelli and Fagioli, all of whom recently signed and thus extended their relationship with the Lady, the director and sports director will deal with Gleison Bremer, Dusan Vlahovic and Federico Chiesa. There is no exact order, the only situation with a minimum of urgency is certainly that of the Italian, who has a contract until 2025. Of course, this doesn't expire next June and Juventus doesn't risk losing it to nil. The club wants to take precautions to avoid being faced with an offer and limited negotiating power in June. For this reason, he has already started talking to the player's agent Fali Ramadani, with whom he has an open and frank relationship.

the promise of the church

There was already one meeting recently and more will follow because it will take time to find a solution that satisfies everyone. At the moment, Continassa is not worried as they have already received Ramadani's commitment that he will not take the player away when his contract expires. Translated, there is a willingness to start negotiations for a renewal that would give the Bianconeri more guarantees but would not rule out the transfer. Essentially, Juventus intends to offer Chiesa, like Rabiot, a one-year extension only at the same prices. For its part, the club would commit to studying any offers that might come in June in case the player wants to be sold, or to increase his salary (Federico currently earns 5 million) if the season has been particularly positive.

Bremer, that's what it's about

Bremer and Vlahovic's situations are different, as their contracts still run for three and a half years (until 2027) and two and a half years, respectively. The defender's agents have already met with Juventus managers, who have expressed their willingness to extend the contract by a year to reduce depreciation costs. Bremer said he was available, but without affecting the downward salary (current salary of 5 million) and, above all, in no hurry, as there was still a long agreement ahead of him. When they meet again, the Brazilian will calmly evaluate Juventus' proposal, but even in his case, an extension would not exclude the possibility of a transfer.

Dusan, first yes

Finally, Vlahovic, who is tied to the Lady by an onerous agreement until 2026. The Serb started with 7.5 million euros, but has a top-up contract that will see him earn up to 12 million a year (now he gets 10). An extension of one to two years (the idea is until 2028) would allow the club to reduce costs and could also be an advantage for the Serbian center forward in anticipation of a possible departure, because with a more humane market value it would also be more tasty. In this case, too, there have already been initial contacts with public prosecutor Dario Ristic, Dusan has opened up to the extension (as he also said in the interview with Gazzetta), now it's time to find an agreement.

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