February 26, 2024

Juve, first in goals from corners: attackers without a goal, the other departments score


With five goals from corners, nobody did better than the Bianconeri. In response to the strikers' withdrawal crisis, they managed to initiate the production of men from other departments who could fill the area well

Monza-Juve, 12th minute: Corner from the right by Nicolussi in his second game as a starter in black and white, millimeter-perfect to the head of Rabiot, who is able to overtake Gagliardini with a movement like a thoroughbred attacker and the decisive one to score the lead. The Frenchman's goal was the fifth in these first 14 games, based on corners: as Opta reports, no one in Serie A has done that like Juve. He scored almost a quarter of his 22 goals this season and got something out of a corner that wouldn't otherwise happen.

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