September 28, 2023

Juve on Hjulmand and Frattesi: Negotiations with Lecce and Sassuolo


With Paredes’ return to PSG and Rabiot’s departure to the Premier League, the lady is focused on the jewels of Lecce and Sassuolo: the negotiations

The hunt in midfield begins. And Juventus will not be unprepared. Starting with identifying the “prey”. Characteristics: a tactical and muscular playmaker and a running midfielder and inserters. Terrain of Incursion: Series A, primarily for low-cost engagement opportunities. Many names are being considered but in recent weeks the men from the transfer market have narrowed the circle down to two very specific targets. The first is Morten Hjulmand, a man of balance from Lecce. The second, Davide Frattesi from Sassuolo, already has 6 goals in the league.

With the failed transfer of Leandro Paredes from PSG, Juve will find a hole in the squad in the role of director. Rovella could return from Monza but with Allegri still on the bench the idea of ​​using a more physical midfielder in the middle alongside Locatelli is likely to resist. Hjulmand proved in this sense in Lecce that he possesses interesting qualities, also thanks to his 185 m. Good at breaking up opponents’ plays, neat at building his own, he quickly became the cornerstone of Baroni’s midfield, both of whom have earned the captain’s armband. It is one of the secrets of the solidity of Salento. In short, an “Allegri” player. Lecce president Saverio Sticchi Damiani recently revealed he had turned down a €13million Premier League offer for the Dane in January. Ergo, summer will inevitably require raising the bar, barring creative formulas (note Gonzalez, too, who’s liked by the lady). However, the final price will be around 20 million. The effort is compensated by the engagement requests: Today, Hjulmand earns around 175 thousand euros per season (four-year contract with an option for the fifth year, signed in January 2021), he finds it difficult to claim the moon in the event of a referral .

The salary Frattesi receives from Sassuolo is slightly higher after the contract extension a year ago. The Neroverde interior costs around 900,000 euros a year, while the Emilian club starts with a request of over 30 million. Juve is already trying to calm down and the contacts between the parties are continuing these days. Frattesi is seen as a good transplant in the increasingly likely event that Adrien Rabiot decides to leave Torino on a free transfer in the summer. A significant loss, but one that would be compensated for by an equally important acquisition. Frattesi is in the national team and has established himself as one of the best midfielders in the double role of attacking and counterattacking at Sassuolo.

The returns

We mentioned Rovella, but Juve have two other own players in Serie A. Let’s talk about Filippo Ranocchia and Hans Nicolussi Caviglia. Like Rovella, the former is on loan at Monza and has had some trouble establishing himself after a good start. The second arrived in Salernitana in January and immediately found a place with Nicola. The change of coach with Paulo Sousa on the bench slightly upset the hierarchy at the grenade midfielder and Nicolussi Caviglia slipped out of the starting XI. All three midfielders return to Juve in the summer but are unlikely to be confirmed overall. On the contrary, in the case of offers to Continassa, a permanent departure cannot be ruled out.

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