February 26, 2024

Juve, Pogba doping: disqualification for at least two years, no Tas


Paul suspended for doping, will be transferred in ten days. The Italian sports court authorities will decide not a single verdict in Lausanne

Filippo Cornacchia

– Turin

But what happened to Paul Pogba? And at what stage is his doping positivity to testosterone metabolites? 50 days after the result of the first analyzes (September 11th) and 26 days after the result of the counter-analysis (October 6th), the Frenchman is still suspended from Juventus Turin as a precautionary measure and has to face a judicial-sporting process in which he He will have to deal with the result He will try to avoid the worst, the famous big risk of a four-year disqualification in the event that the judges decide to consciously consume the banned substance.

Pogba, the rules

The Code provides for a number of cases in which the penalty is reduced in the event of an admission of responsibility. For this reason, the most concrete fear would be a two-year ban. Perhaps through the plea bargain route, even if the Anti-Doping Code does not use this expression but speaks of an agreement between the parties. Pogba would have suffered his first defeat by now: he is facing a trial in Italy. Yes, because the prerogative to request the famous “single hearing” at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne would not have received the green light from Wada (and would also require that of Nado Italia), which generally does not encourage this type of solution and leaves it to the justice system, which handled the first part of the case, including the investigation and trial phases.

two streets

Pogba will have two options: an agreement with the anti-doping prosecutor’s office (even in this case, a yes from Wada would still be required), which could lead to a halving of the sentence originally requested by the prosecutor, or the decision to risk everything the sporting trial before the Anti-Doping Sports Court. In the first case, an agreement would exclude any possibility of legal action. In the second case, the TNA’s decision would, conversely, be appealable to the CAS.

the investigation

But what stage is the investigation at? It is likely that the anti-doping prosecutor is currently completing the review of the documents submitted by the Juventus player’s defense. And that there hasn’t been an actual hearing yet. It is true that there is still a month left from the counter-analysis to complete the investigation, but in reality there is a possibility of taking more time if further investigation would be necessary. If Pogba is unable to convince the anti-doping prosecutor at this point, he will be referred at that time and this case could occur within ten days. From this point on, the Frenchman has 20 days to choose between attempting to reach an agreement and going to court. In this second case, the hearing will be scheduled within 40 days.


How is Pogba spending this time? In addition to taking part in games, the Frenchman is also banned from training at Continassa. That’s why the Octopus trains with a personal trainer in the gym, in the swimming pool and in the large rooms of his villa on the hills of Turin, once the residence of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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