February 20, 2024

Juve-Rabiot is driving forward the renewal. And together with Allegri he wants the Scudetto


The Frenchman is ready to stick with the same numbers for another year. For the coach he is irreplaceable: decisive in Monza, now he is targeting Napoli

Fabiana Della Valle

– Turin

Massimiliano Allegri's irreplaceable player has a Riace bronze body and his hair is always tied up in a bun that doesn't always last the whole game. That's because Adrien Rabiot is someone who doesn't hold back on the pitch, he runs for himself and for others, and he doesn't mind if his curls sometimes become a whim. Nobody ever had any doubts about his qualities, all the technicians who employed him at Continassa always defined him as a boy with infinite potential. What he lacked in his first years at Juventus was continuity, which he found thanks to Max, with whom he shares an unconventional harmony. That's why Adri, as his teammates call him, decided this summer to stay at Juventus, even though he could have left for free, accepting an extension of just one year and for amounts slightly higher than what he was already earning (7 million). And for the same reason, he could quit again, despite the possibility of leaving from scratch and thereby getting a richer contract (perhaps in the Premier League, where he is highly valued) to complete the growth path that has made him a certainty He was a member of the French national team as well as Juventus and was one of the strongest in his role.

from Sarri to max

But Rabiot had also thought about leaving the first year. “He didn't play with Sarri and we thought about taking him away in January,” said Veronique, the player's mother and agent, who is very present in his life. Then Pirlo came and things improved, but Adrien made the real leap in quality thanks to Allegri, the coach he came to Turin to work for. Max had said yes to the job on a free transfer from PSG, but was then fired and Rabiot had to wait for his return to the Lady's court two summers later to be able to work with the coach who won five championships in a row at Juventus . Allegri had wanted him and Allegri urged him to stay this summer by personally intervening. Rabiot now feels at home at Juventus and has no intention of leaving the club at the moment. And his mother, just as she once supported him, will do it again because she only wants his well-being.

First contacts

“It is still too early to talk about a renewal,” mother Veronique told Sportweek, but in reality there have already been some contacts. Relations are excellent, Federico Cherubini and Giovanni Manna followed negotiations in June and now manager Cristiano Giuntoli has been added to the transfer team. We'll talk about it again later, because a lot will depend on Juventus' ranking: Rabiot has accepted to remain without trophies, but wants to return after a year. The Juventus management has already communicated to the agent that there is a desire to offer him another bridging contract: a contract until 2025 at the current figures (8 million), which can be beneficial for everyone. For Adrien, who can keep a clean sheet at any time, and for Juventus, who don't have to spend money on signing another midfielder. Rabiot is currently just concentrating on the field. “We believe in the Scudetto, we talk about it in the dressing room,” he said after the draw against Inter. At Monza he was crucial, first with the goal and then with the drive and assist for Gatti's scratch. Adrien is the second Juventus player in minutes played (1170, Bremer is at the top with 1253), but only because he had to miss the game against Cagliari due to disqualification due to several yellow cards. Allegri has never replaced him, even when he didn't have the same leg at the start of the season as he does now (due to an injury in the national team that forced him to miss training and the US tour), because he can change the game at any time. He never gives up and he proved that in Monza. He is the midfielder of Juventus who has scored the most goals (2), without Danilo, he wore the captain's armband five times and turned into a real leader: the fans appreciated the post in which he brought out Gagliardini, who afterwards in his face celebrated the 1:1. “Learn to be humble, because as long as the referee doesn't blow his whistle, anything is still possible.” The irreplaceable player has now also become a driving force: there will be a great need for someone like him at Napoli.

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