February 26, 2024

Juve scores more points than the other teams in direct duels with the big teams


From taboo to strength: victories against Milan and Lazio Rome, draws against Atalanta, the duels at the top are the plus point for the Bianconeri compared to the other top teams in the championship. The lady has already done better against them than in the first two years of the Allegri-bis

Giuseppe Nigro

Juventus’ weakness in the battle at the top was more a symptom of other maladies than an illness in itself and has been one of the major Achilles’ heels in the two years since Massimiliano Allegri’s return to the bench. A de facto taboo, partly only won at the end of last season with the success at Inter at home, but of no importance for the fight for the championship. The trip, but this year Juventus have already won more big games after nine games than in the last two years: the success against Milan, who were league leaders, followed that against Lazio, and together with the draw against Atalanta they take 7 out of three Points games, which is an average of 2.3 against the top teams.

average points

It still remains to play against Inter in a month, against Napoli two weeks later and against Roma on New Year’s Eve. But the path taken so far differs not only from the one the Lady took in the last two seasons, but also from that of the previous “competitors” this year. Inter have a higher “point average” but have only played one direct duel, although they won more clearly (5-1 against Milan) and will get to the point in the two months until Christmas.


Juve have already done better than Milan, who have collected 6 points in 4 games at the top (wins over Roma and Lazio, knockouts against Inter and Juve), as have Lazio (wins against Napoli and Atalanta, defeats against Juve and Milan) . . Support the others. Napoli only played and lost one big game, against Lazio. The same applies to Roma against Milan. In the middle is Atalanta, who so far have a draw against Juve and a defeat against Lazio. A reflection of their respective qualities and a preview of possible championship predictions, although not definitive, but confirmed by the previous values ​​of the field.

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