September 25, 2023

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The French club turns to Atalantino, stops the Serb. How will the situation develop? Three-year contract with the Bianconeri but both the striker and the lady are ready to say goodbye

Marco Guidi-Luca Taidelli

And who will tell Dusan Vlahovic now? The Serbian centre-forward has already been spotted in Paris following contacts between PSG and his agent Darko Ristic last week. However, Juventus haven’t received the right offer yet. The “essential”, to use the words of technical director Cristiano Giuntoli. And in the meantime, the French champions are turning their attention to another striker from our Serie A, Atalanta’s Rasmus Hojlund. A scenario that would make DV9 even more uneasy. In Vlahovic’s mind there is a fear of ending up like the Bella di Torriglia: there are so many rumors about the big names, but then… no one notices?


Dusan wants to know his future as soon as possible. He still has a three-year contract with Juve but it’s no secret that given the right terms, both parties would be happy to say goodbye. Vlahovic because he hopes to play in the Champions League and find a coach more suited to his football than Massimiliano Allegri; The black and white club, because selling the Serb for reasonable amounts would make accounting sense. But where can DV9 land if PSG pulls out? Hard to say today. Dusan has several admirers, but he is not the first choice for anyone. It seemed like things could work out for the Parisians, after the (temporary?) retreat to Osimhen, PSG went into the race for Hojlund.

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French interest can only please Atalanta, because an auction with Manchester United, which involves two of the richest clubs in the world, is launched around Hojlund. The Nerazzurri (who paid 17.2m to Sturm Graz last summer) are demanding 80m but timing is also important as the Dea could then go in pursuit of El Bilal Touré, a striker born in 2001 from Almeria who is also popular in the Premier League. The selling difficulties between Muriel and Zapata actually block incoming moves in the offensive department. Also in the crosshairs of market men D’Amico and Congerton is Hugo Ekitiké, the 21-year-old for whom PSG ransomed Reims 25 million. It’s inescapable to think that the boy of Cameroonian origin could also end up on the negotiating table, but he has an extra-budgetary commitment to the goddess (he earns 4 million) and the French should therefore contribute in some way. So far, Atalanta are mainly convinced that they only want cash for Hojlund. A speech that also applies to Manchester United, who would have opted to accelerate precisely out of fear of the PSG offensive. The Red Devils have progressed by reaching an overall agreement with the player’s environment but have yet to make an official offer to Atalanta. Hojlund would also do well in Paris and multiply his current salary of around 600,000 euros.

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And Vlahovic? Obviously a United taunted in the race for Hojlund could launch the attack on DV9. Just like with Bayern, Kane shouldn’t get caught. In recent days, the Germans have already opened a dialogue with Juve, albeit starting from an assessment that the Bianconeri consider low. While Real Madrid are also monitoring the situation in the background, Mbappé’s are dreaming but at the moment only have Joselu in the squad as their first striker. All valid options, but still a long way off. And Dusan is increasingly worried…

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