March 4, 2024

Lukaku apologizes to Inter fans after Salerno and appeals: ‘Stay close’


Dialogue at the end of the game in Salerno with the fans: the Belgian took over the draw and asked for confidence

One hand on the heart and the other up. The disappointed face for another missed opportunity, the anger in the body for the season paired with the desire to rock the world in Portugal.

On Friday night, at the end of the Arechi game, Romelu Lukaku was in a whirlwind of emotions when he presented himself alone in front of the Nerazzurri’s segment: this image of the Belgian talking to his visiting fans, clearly visible in the stadium and captured by several photos published in making the rounds on social media has almost become a symbol of another very bad day. Everyone wondered what they had ever said and why there was such an overt confrontation.

not the first time

In fact, it’s not the first time that a similar scene has been seen between Rome and the fans: it had already happened in Cremona, when the result on the pitch was different and the three points were thrown away. After the knockout in La Spezia, however, the Belgian led a slightly larger squad consisting of Dimarco, Calhanoglu, Handanovic and Onana: together they listened to the Ultras, who asked the squad to work out their attributes. This time there was a draw, albeit with the smack of defeat in the mouth: for that reason alone, the Belgian’s confrontation was even more powerful. It is the certification of a status, also because the other “leaders” were already in the dressing room: A little further behind Rome only Asllani and Gosens saw the scene, two reserves on paper.

civil confrontation

The confrontation was civil, without excesses and sustained by the attacker himself, aware of the situation of the team and the concern of all Nerazzurri supporters, not just those who have arrived in Campania. In detail, Rom deliberately apologized for the mistakes on the pitch and sadly repeated that the balls he was kicking just don’t want to go in at the moment. The fans underlined that from their point of view there was certainly no reason to apologize: sweat counts and the Belgian poured it out. On the contrary, they reiterated that they appreciate his generous performance despite the missed goals and, above all, his willingness to show his face, all the more so in such a delicate situation for all of Inter. Of course, everyone would have liked that there would have been other teammates alongside the Belgian, perhaps those who took turns at the armband this year. Lukaku, in turn, confirmed with gestures that he was focused in the face of Benfica: his fingers tapped on the head as if to say: “We are all on track”. And he then asked for trust for this last part of the way: He knows how much a common goal is now needed. “Keep this group together, try to give 100 percent,” was the final message to the center forward before he returned to the dressing room.

north curve

The Curva Nord explained the position in a statement on social media yesterday, while Roma put even more pressure on their teammates in Eppan than usual. The organized supporters’ demand for a confrontation with the team already after the knockout against Viola was postponed in view of the many close commitments and also in view of the positive result from Turin. Disappointment will not turn to resentment, but whatever the outcome in Lisbon, a new meeting is likely to be convened soon.

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