February 22, 2024

Mazzarri in conference before Juve-Napoli


The words of the Napoli coach on the eve of the big game: “Osimhen is growing. Good feelings, but now we need results.”

From our correspondent Maurizio Nicita


– Castel Volturno (CE)

Walter Mazzarri's eyes shine. He senses a big challenge and dreams of bringing down the Bianconeri, as he did in his first spell with the Azzurri in 2009. “Juve-Napoli is always a very important game. To do it well, it also serves to evaluate the team's improvements.” There is no point in hiding behind a finger: Napoli is still sick, the defeats against Real and Inter have highlighted a deficient defensive phase: “I have to try to intervene because as soon as we make a mistake we score goals and that has to be fixed.” . Top teams have to be solid and then score goals.” Regarding the approximate physical preparation of this team, Mazzarri makes a bold statement: “I will not repeat the naivety of the past. I keep certain assessments of preparation to myself.”

I'm dreaming okay

To be successful, you have to concede fewer goals and also score goals. The new coach is confident about his gems: “Osimhen is not at the top yet, but he can always give us more.” Scoring goals requires brilliance and today we lack it. Then you also need a bit of luck in front of the goal.” There is also a tactical aspect at Kvara: “It was foreseeable that after the excellent last championship, more attention would be drawn to our attackers.” As a coach, I have to put them in the position Put in a position so that they don't always appear twice. Kvara has shown that he is good even when he comes into the middle. If three attack him, it means there is room for others. We have to have more team spirit in these situations.”

Defense misunderstanding

Mazzarri senses a cohesive group that is willing to work: “The boys gave me their soul. I saw a strong bond. The feeling is good, they trust and believe in what they are doing. Now we need the results.” But in the defensive phase and the large and aggressive team, isn’t there also a misunderstanding of a Kim who knew how to defend in the open field? “It's true, but I don't make excuses. I need time to train some more. If only I were clear about that this type of defense It doesn't work, I would take new measures. But it takes time and training before I have objective data to think about. At the end of the month I will understand the situation better and be able to provide advice for the market at the club's request.

Start again from the inside

Correct mistakes, but also start from the things that were done well: “The first half with Inter did very well. Given our chances, we should have finished at the front. I have seen progress. Even if we then had a decline. However, in certain situations it can also be a psychological problem. You see that things are not going as well as you had hoped and you lose conviction. We have to avoid counterattacks and be concrete in front of goal.” Mazzarri is confident: “When we see the squads of Inter and Juve, there are no such differences. But the ranking is a judgment. Even in the first half against Inter we didn't see this difference. But objectively we are too late and have to catch up.”

new Mazzarri

The Livornese is also self-critical and does not talk about Massa's refereeing work: “With experience you either become stupid or improve… Mazzarri, the old man, has retired.” I won't talk about the referees anymore. They can make mistakes, just like us coaches make mistakes with substitutions or players on the pitch miss a goal.”

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