February 21, 2024

Milan-Cortina Olympic Games: Politicians are calling for alternatives to the bobsleigh track to be examined


The Parliament’s agenda, signed by Berruto from the Democratic Party and the entire Green and Left Alliance faction, opens a reflection on the expenditure of 125 million on a building that will hardly be used after the Games

The government is committed to “exploring the possibility of evaluating alternative solutions with a view to the construction of the bobsleigh track in Cortina”: this is foreseen in an agenda presented by Mauro Berruto of the Democratic Party and the entire Avs group (Greens and Left Alliance) was signed). “A victory for common sense, the approval of the agenda with the first signature of Bonelli and Zanella, who says no to the bobsleigh track in Cortina for the Olympic Games,” says Bonelli, “and remembers twice the tender for the construction of the bobsleigh track. “ in Cortina was deserted. The last event took place on July 31st and major companies declined the invitation, highlighting the time and economic difficulties. We risk making a global impression in light of the important Olympic event. The Cortina route is a mistake from the start because the cost is a prohibitive €125 million for a structure that will be of little use after the Olympics.”


“I would like to suggest that we stop while there is still time,” says deputy Mauro Berruto of the Democratic Party: “We considered that the Milan-Cortina games were the most sustainable of all time, and then it is clear that this This is also the case in this direction.” We have to think about the cost-benefit ratio and not hide behind the Olympic atmosphere. I say this as a Turin native who witnessed the 2006 Games, where a critical problem arose on the bobsleigh track built in Cesana. I ask the government to consider all alternative solutions, even the most imaginative. We want unforgettable games, the legacy must be sustainability. Sometimes we make mistakes in judgment, it is simply enough to recognize a mistake and correct the goal while there is still time. If you insist, there is no justification. We need a third party who can give a definitive opinion, I hope it could be this Parliament.”

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