February 20, 2024

Milan: David, Miranda and Kiwior in January, Krunic out


The striker costs 40 million, but the club can raise money by selling Krunic to Fenerbahce. The Betis winger as deputy Theo

Alessandra Gozzini

Milan's new year does not start on January 1st, but on Tuesday January 2nd, the day of the reopening: the aim for 2024 is to strengthen the team with at least a few new signings. There is a need for intervention in defense and attack: at Atalanta, Pioli will again suggest Theo as a central defender and put the only available wingers, Chukwueze and Pulisic, in Giroud's side. The need is clear: If it had been possible, the club would have asked for the winter transfer window to be opened early in order to bring in fresh talent.


The attack needs to not always rely on Giroud's reserves: the double suspension forced him to pause in two rounds of the championship, and a large gap appeared in the penalty area, which was only partially filled by Jovic's goal. The presence of Jonathan David could fill many spaces: in the center if Giroud is missing again, or on the sides if, as in Bergamo, it will be difficult for Leao to occupy the left flank. Prices fluctuate: in the summer, Lille valued David at 60 million according to the goal index, 24 in 37 appearances in Ligue 1. Then a reduction: two goals in the league in August and then a break. Until two weeks ago, when goals in Lyon and Metz led to a slight increase. January is just around the corner and the club is about to knock on Lille's door: David has been the first target on the list for weeks.

Hello Rade

Rade Krunic could push in this direction: his sale would be support for the club. Milan are ready to pick him up, as is Fenerbahce, who already agreed to buy him in the summer. The gap between request and offer was too big to bring the parties closer together, and it was also Pioli who was against it: without the injured Bennacer, it was Krunic who played the role of the veteran in midfield. Now that one of his loyalists is no longer on the front line, nothing stands in the way of his departure. Provided the clubs agree: Krunic is worth at least ten million for Milan. Budget that would immediately be reinvested in David.


Jakub Kiwior is the first name for the defense: 23 years old, Polish from Arsenal but already an expert in Serie A: eighteen months in La Spezia. Also used to mid-season transfers: Spezia came to London a year ago for 25 million euros and toasted the new year with the richest transfer in their history. Milan will keep a low profile: if the path to acquiring the player outright is steep, they will look for the shortcut of a loan deal. Maybe we should think about it again in the summer, with the right to take things back. Arsenal may be open to a solution of this type, Mikel Arteta, former midfielder turned manager of the team, has already made it clear that he will not block: Kiwior, 11 games this season, five of them as a starter (two in the League Cup), isn't it, it's irreplaceable. For Pioli, given Thiaw's injury, he would immediately be a starting player and definitely another building block to increase the defensive wall. This is even more true when Kiwior is once again the defender who convinced Arsenal to invest in him, rather than the one he became in England. The experience in Serie A will favor inclusion: the La Spezia-London channel is still open. The Bianconeri are entitled to a number of credits from a future resale and are ready to reopen the till now or in June…


Once Theo is freed from defensive duties, he will freely return to the wing to push forward: then he will be the one who needs an alternative solution and Juan Miranda, a Spaniard born in 2000, has been the one for some time identified candidate. The inclusion of Napoli in the race suggests that Milan should pick up the pace: with his contract at Betis expiring in June, the plan is to bring forward his move by six months. Given that he would be leaving on a free transfer in the summer, it would also be practical for the Spanish club to reach a sell-only agreement to sell the player.

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