September 21, 2023

Milan on Taremi, Morata too expensive. And Scamacca…


The Iranian player from Porto needs 20m, less than what the Rossoneri should pay for Alvaro. Scamacca is also in the running. In midfield we continue to trade for Reijnders

Luca Bianchin

Number 9 by vocation. Physicist. penalty taker. National Owner. A historic overhead kick in the Champions League. Connect the dots and identify the character: it appears to be Olivier Giroud, instead it’s Mehdi Taremi, currently a very serious contender to complete Milan’s attack. Taremi has a special life almost unique in top-flight football and qualities that can be of great use to Piolis Milan. Before we talk about him, let’s talk about the future of the team.

three times 9

Milan are looking for a number 9, let’s say a co-owner, for the next championship and that has been clear for some time. Taremi has always been popular because he fights, has presence and personality and above all scores goals: 57 goals for Porto in the last two seasons. Portugal won’t be prime minister either, but they weigh. There are currently three candidates: Taremi, Alvaro Morata and Gianluca Scamacca. Morata was Milan’s first idea. People like him because he’s different from Giroud, because he’s intelligent and he’s always played at a high level. Sure, he needs confidence, but talent is for all to see. Just turn on the TV or buy a ticket to the stadium. The point is that today the Morata operation is very expensive, too much. Atletico Madrid ask for 20.5 million, Alvaro expects a number between 5 and 6 million per season. And then on to the alternatives. Scamacca is always on the list: he’s young, he’s one of the most interesting centre-forwards of the new generation, with West Ham we can talk about a loan deal. However, Taremi has been gaining ground like no other in recent days.

20 million

Taremi plays, unfortunately for Milan, at Porto, a club square enough. He only has a one-year contract but Porto want no less than 20 million for him. Too important for the team. However, Milan are thinking about it even under these conditions. And Taremi? Taremi has clear ideas: career counts, not money. He had important Arab offers (Al Hilal…) but he turned them down because he wanted to continue playing in Europe, staying in the Champions League and catching up on the years outside Europe. Taremi joined Portugal in 2019 after years between Iran and Qatar. His curriculum includes the noble Persepolis and the Al Gharafa. In the 2019/20 season he played at Rio Ave and then got promoted: Porto. Milan would be the ideal next step, but a lot will depend on the next few days. There is always one obstacle to consider: non-EU status. If Taremi chooses, Milan will be without Chukwueze, the first option down the right for which Villarreal are still demanding 30m.


Speaking of the next few days, the week that starts tomorrow will be crucial for Tijjani Reijnders. The Dutch midfielder was close to Milan 24 hours ago: Pioli likes him a lot, he hasn’t even played for Barcelona for the Rossoneri yet, Milan made an initial offer of almost 20m. Many, including those directly involved, assumed a closure of around 20-22 million. Az, on the other hand, made a blockade yesterday: they want 25 million and are in no hurry to close. At this point, the ball goes to Milan: will they increase their bid or go head-to-head? The easy part of the answer is: Very soon, Milan, Az, and the agents will be talking again. The hard part is figuring out who is going to step down. Tijjani, who missed Az’s first friendly of the season yesterday, celebrates.

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