February 21, 2024

Milan, Pellegrino: visits to the doctor and signing


The Argentine defender, taken over from Platense, has started the process that will see him tie himself to the Rossoneri club for the next five years. It’s the devil’s ninth purchase this summer

The long day as Marco Pellegrino becomes AC Milan’s new player is going according to plan. The 21-year-old centre-back was transferred from Platense and landed at Linate last night while the Rossoneri were busy at Bologna. He has started medical examinations at Milan’s La Madonnina clinic. This is followed by the sporting suitability at Coni and finally in the afternoon transfer to Casa Milan to sign the contract.

the figures

Pellegrino remains linked to the devil for five years and cost 3 million, plus bonuses and a 10% percentage on future resale. He is the ninth addition to the Rossoneri’s summer market and will be the fifth central defender available to Pioli. So a purchase in perspective.

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