March 4, 2024

Milan, Sandro Tonali defends De Ketelaere: ‘Like me in the first year’


The Rossoneri midfielder spoke to Dazn: “I’m asking about the Champions League final in St Lucia. Pioli helped me a lot, in the beginning I suffered a lot from the pressure.”

Sandro Tonali with an open heart. De Ketelaere, Leao, Ibra, the arrival in Milan, the help of Pioli and a little letter to Santa Lucia. “I’m asking you for the Champions League final. Of course, to win it.”

CDK and Leao

The Rossoneri midfielder therefore spoke to Dazn, who was interviewed by Massimo Ambrosini. One of the first topics raised was the one about De Ketelaere, a Belgian talent who arrived in the summer but hasn’t really blossomed yet: “It’s normal to go like this, it’s the same thing that happened to me. He was paid He was hired to decide games and he pays for the pressure. He’s a great player who needs to regain his confidence, we have to help him. A game has to go well and then we see the real De Ketelaere.” However, other nice words for Leao: “You need two men to mark him. If he lights up, we go on goal in a second. Maybe he didn’t the continuity like last year, but he’s the strongest and always has to come into the arena with this quality”. Small parenthesis to Ibrahimovic: “In training I want to play against him. When I win training games I make fun of him, but when you lose he kills you.”


Tonali spoke of the comparison with Pirlo, “who got a bit difficult at the time of Brescia” and of his first idol: “Lampard from Chelsea! But then came several Rossoneri jerseys”. Sandro joined Milan in 2020 and described the negotiations as follows: “I had spoken to my mother, my girlfriend and my agent. I dreamed of Milan. The first year was difficult: it wasn’t easy being a fan and a player, but after an adjustment period I made it. At first it was a strain to wear this shirt, I was at a point where I had to try not to disappoint anyone. I was afraid everything was different, but with Pioli I overcame everything. I spoke a lot with the coach. And now he’s doing the same to other players who are going through what I went through. I never thought I wouldn’t make it because playing in an empty stadium helped me in the beginning”.

The new course

Tonali also spoke about the current season, which started well and continued badly, with a bad slump in January: “The castle we had built collapsed in those 5 minutes Milano-Roma. I couldn’t explain it. I think back to the training at that time and I don’t understand how that’s possible. We were too fragile. The cure was to win again and play with courage. We haven’t forgotten this month. It was madness to have those 7-8 games, two or three can happen but seven is too many.” Champions League chapter: “Last year we dominated against Atletico, then came the red card. We failed, because we’re Milan and we won’t get out in the group stage. We haven’t set ourselves a goal, but we’re ambitious and we want to play freely”.

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