February 20, 2024

Milan, the five ways they restarted after scoring five goals in the derby


Sometimes – let’s say often – losing a derby has long and bloody consequences (among the most striking recent examples being the Rossoneri’s 2-1 comeback in February 22). Imagine losing 5-1. It could have been a prolonged collapse, but instead Milan were able to recover immediately. With five excellent weapons: five like the goals conceded in the derby. The first is the one that makes the club happiest: the contribution of the transfer market. Reijnders, Loftus-Cheek, Pulisic, Musah, Sportiello, and more recently Okafor. The devil has changed his face, and it is a face that pleases and works. The first three in particular increased the quality and gave unpredictability to a team that had now become easy to read, only with the old interpreters.

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