September 25, 2023

Milan, the San Donato stadium is taking shape: project in Manica


The area is that of San Donato, the project of the top studio in the world, chosen over twelve others: a facility on two rings, works from 2025, a shop, a museum, a hub active all year round. And the largest giant screens in Italy

Luca Bianchin

AC Milan has chosen the studio that will design both its new stadium and the sports and leisure area around the stadium: Manica, an excellence in the sector, for which AC Milan is the No. 1 architectural firm in the world 12 other competitors. He will be the Rossoneri Design Architect. The club has also decided that the new stadium will have 70,000 seats: as fans hoped, there will be over 60,000 to 65,000. The goal of Milan, Gerry Cardinale and RedBird is admittedly ambitious: to create the premier sports and entertainment destination in Europe. Concerts, events, especially games.

The team

AC Milan has been working on the project for months – a RedBird priority – and has decided to build in the San Francesco area of ​​San Donato, on the outskirts of the city. The news is that in recent weeks he has defined the team that will take care of the project: CAA Icon and Manica, two international top executives, will work with Tim Romani, the founder and former number 1 of CAA Icon, who is responsible for the Left the company to dedicate himself to development and project manager for Milan. Manica, Caa Icon and Romani have already worked together on the state-of-the-art Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, where Milan played a friendly against Barcelona in early August, and on the Tennessee Titans Stadium, which is being built in Nashville (expected to open this year). 2027) and at the Chase Center in San Francisco, the new home of the Golden State Warriors. First-class facilities in the United States, a country with which Milan is increasingly linked. The project team will be operational before the end of 2023. The club’s aim is to start work at the end of 2025 and play in the new stadium in 2028 or 2029, when Milan celebrates its 130th birthday.

the news

It is still too early to know details about the external structure of the stadium – decisions in this sense will be made later – but the idea is to create a very recognizable architectural conformation, a symbol of the club and the city. The facility will of course be very modern, with two rings instead of the three of San Siro, and inside there will be the largest giant screens in Italy, a choice reminiscent of the great American arenas. There will be premium and hospitality seats on both sides of the stadium, those for businesses and those with more to spend on the match event, which Milan’s plans will feature alongside tickets open to all. In addition, all seats will be larger than at San Siro, the upper tier will offer 360-degree panoramic views, there will be many restaurants and areas specifically for families. In the stadium area there will be a large shop and a museum of at least 300 square meters, in line with the idea of ​​creating a hub active 365 days a day. It will be much more than a stadium: the idea is to build a symbol, a home for the next generations, a facility that represents the Milan brand and changes the history of Italy’s own facilities. Another novelty: in front of the main entrance there will be a large square, ideally the size of Piazza Duomo, with restaurants, bars and clubs around it, which will be lively before, during and after the game. Here Milan hopes to be able to celebrate its next victories with the fans.

the models

The Allegiant Stadium will obviously be a model for Milan’s new facility, although one of the main references – perhaps the most important – will be the Tottenham Stadium, where Milan played in February. In 2021-22, Tottenham achieved a turnover of 125 million from its establishment (Milan stopped at 32), where conferences or events are regularly organized and an episode of the series “Gangs of London” was even filmed. The hyper-modern structure, the juxtaposition of very expensive VIP seats (Premium Suites) and tickets open to all fans, the dozens of restaurants inside, from starred to hot dog banquets: these and other features – but not the retractable stands – will be found in the new AC Milan stadium. What will it be called? It’s too early to tell. Milan still has to finalize the choice of location and start the big chapter of naming rights. The facility will certainly have an environmentally sustainable design and will aim to meet spectators’ needs for comfort, accessibility and safety.


“I have been pursuing the dream of a new stadium in Milan for six years,” says Tim Romani, whose family originally comes from Fanano, not far from Modena. I always knew that this would only be possible with the involvement of these two great companies and their invaluable experience. CAA Icon and Manica will help us build a world-class facility that meets the great expectations of Milan and RedBird Capital.” The CAA Icon team working on the stadium is led by Stephanie Bax: “We are very excited “We have been selected to lead the entire project management activities during the construction of the stadium and the adjacent area,” comments Bax, Executive Vice President and General Manager Europe of CAA Icon -. The most successful facilities are those that integrate seamlessly into the community. We can’t wait to make AC Milan’s vision a reality with the help of Manica.” And Manica, the company also responsible for the renovation of Camp Nou in Barcelona, ​​echoes the same sentiment: “We are proud that we have been chosen to design the new stadium. “We will work to ensure that the outcome of the project is worthy of this extraordinary club, the city and all fans around the world.”

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