February 26, 2024

Milan without a soul, Pioli alone, Ibra is needed


Manager Zlatan could inspire the team, give the club a face and deal with the coach. Like Paolo Maldini

The video of Stefano Pioli and his players parading through the Parc des Princes tunnel on the way to the changing rooms deserved to go viral. They stop in front of a specially set up screen and greet a sick child who has joined in from Italy. The child, a Milan fan, waves to his heroes from his bed. In the concentrated and emotional minutes just before the game, AC Milan fans found a nice moment to give a smile to those suffering. And instead, the video of Pioli tripping over the masseur’s bag and rolling to the sideline went viral, social media being what it is. An additional thorn in the side of the Rossoneri coach on a difficult evening, who was unable to stop PSG as he would have liked.

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