February 26, 2024

Mirante? First there was Donnarumma: when Gigio’s brother saved Milan


The last time the Rossoneri used the third goalkeeper, things went well: in 2017, Antonio was decisive in the derby in the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup

Francesco Pietrella

Antonio Donnarumma will always have one thing to boast about, perhaps even to his brother Gigio at Christmas dinner: “As an AC Milan fan, I have never conceded a goal.” All true: Donnarumma senior can play three games for the Rossoneri and conceded just as many goals look back. The first about his debut, which came in an unexpected and strange way, just like Mirante’s debut from the first minute against Juve. From one Antonio to another.

What a derby

The best day in the career of the “other Donnarumma” is certainly the 2017 Italian Cup derby, two days after Christmas: on December 27th, Storari injured his calf shortly before the game and Gattuso had no choice: Antonio Donnarumma was the starter had never been used before. All due to a muscle problem suffered by his brother, who stayed in the pits as a precaution. The fans called him “recommended”, they described him as a “parasite” because of the contract worth a million a year, signed with Asteras Tripoli in the summer after a season in Greece. The support to please Gigio to sign the agreement to remain in Milan. In the end his story becomes a fairy tale: Donnarumma senior puts in a great performance, setting up Cutrone’s goal in extra time and dragging the Rossoneri into the semi-finals with some crucial saves. At the end of the race, his teammates hug him. Among them is Calabria, the only survivor of this group.


The precedent smiles on Milan. Six years later, the Rossoneri will play a decisive game with their third goalkeeper, this time in Serie A. Against Juve it is the turn of Antonio Mirante, 40 years old and a few months old: he has not been in the starting line-up for 6 years played May 2021, the day of the Europa League semi-final between Roma and Manchester United. The last duel in Serie A took place on April 18, 2021, Turin-Rome 3-1. Mirante will challenge the team he grew up with and with which he won two Viareggio tournaments (2003, 2004).

the other donnarumma

Donnarumma played two more times for Milan from the 1st minute between 2018 and 2020: the first time against Ludogorest in the Europa League, the second time in the Italian Cup with Spal. He has never conceded a goal. In 2021 he left the Rossoneri at the end of his contract. Today, at 33, he is the starting goalkeeper for Padua in Serie C.

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