February 27, 2024

Napoli eliminate but all of Europe wants Victor Osimhen: what the striker is worth


Strength, head, leadership: Victor is a complete 9. Chelsea, United and PSG like it. And Drogba recommends it…

Even half an Osimhen is worth a lot. And it’s not a market joke. What it means to have Victor Osimhen in Napoli was understood even better in this quarter-final game against Milan. The absence from the first leg weighed heavily and in the second leg the Nigerian centre-forward, while not at his best, still kept the Rossoneri defense at bay and even managed to get a good header, albeit too late to feed the blues’ qualification hopes. Victor deserves applause for the generosity he has invested in wanting to take on the team and lead it to a dream that is his dream. He confided that to President Aurelio De Laurentiis when they met in the summer of 2020, before signing the contract that would have tied him to Napoli until 2025: he wanted to win the Scudetto but was aiming for the Champions League. Another player who thinks only of his own interests probably would not have played for Nigeria because of a slight muscle problem and would not have returned on Tuesday, risking a relapse that unfortunately cannot be ruled out. And right up to the last possible second, he was chasing the semifinals with all his might, urging the public to urge the team into action.


Here the Victor man has grown this season, allowing the fabulous athlete to complete himself. Undoubtedly, the birth of his daughter contributed to this growth. The rest is thanks to Luciano Spalletti who has improved him in every way, the centre-forward has shown all his will not to stop and the results are there to prove it. His discontinuity was startling, mostly due to some serious injuries. Well, this season, despite some muscle problems, he showed numbers of absolute value: 26 goals in 31 games played. He argued that he was playing for himself and less for the team, and that his tactical and behavioral attitude had changed recently. His body language is like a leader, always willing to “push” his team into attack, leading the pressing but also sacrificing himself with a few more returns and even set pieces in the defensive phase.


For all of these reasons and more, it has become one of the most desirable pieces on the market. Because with his characteristics – he shoots incredibly often during a game – he is a unique center forward on the international stage. At the age of 24 he entered full maturity and can now be counted among the five strongest center forwards in Europe. You can have different preferences, there can also be different moments of form, but since recovering from a broken cheekbone he has always played at a high level. It will be because of the mask… Jokes aside, at the moment there are three clubs that have shown a more direct interest and we mention them in alphabetical order: Chelsea, Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain. And if someone sinks the shot by presenting a must-have offer, the only way we’ll find out is by living. President De Laurentiis has set the price tag at 150 million and is still hoping to convince Victor and his entourage to renew his contract with Napoli. At the same time, the player is happy with Napoli and wants to improve. And today, given the international competitiveness of the blue club, finding something better is not easy. Because, for example, Chelsea can also offer lavish contracts, but will be eliminated from the European Cup next season. As of this point, Manchester United have been following the Nigerian for some time and seem more determined in his choice.

Drogba’s advice

He is the idol of Victor Osimhen, who is also proud to be his friend, and here Didier Drogba also spoke into the blue from the Canal plus microphones: “If he is really in the sights of a club like PSG, it shows the full extent of his talent and the season he’s doing. But it’s not the club he needs to keep growing.” Advice that also serves as a warning, because in the Qatar team training in Paris, too many stars have never produced great results. We will See election of Victor and Napoli.

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