September 25, 2023

Napoli-Sassuolo, Dionisi: “I liked almost all of them. The results will come”


Almost everyone: Who is he angry at?

“You know enough about football and I don’t have to name names, that’s all.”

What did Maxime Lopez say to the referee? Have you talked to him?

“I haven’t spoken to him. Certainly he said something to the referee because he didn’t commit a foul and therefore…”

Is your sassuolo fitted with a trocar or something tonight?

“Matheus had to help midfield in the defensive phase and then move between the lines to have two midfielders and him between the lines. It depends on the balance we can find. In my first year we played with four forwards and we were more effective up front. Now we might find more balance with a midfielder and if we start with a player who doesn’t start between the lines and then plays between the lines we’ll be more effective. I’m convinced that we would have done even more in the second half because we had grown up. We had to let them run when we had the ball and we managed that in the second half. Then there was another game within the game where the guys did their best and did well too.”

Is there a certain nervousness and a situation that will go away with the end of the market?

The open market doesn’t help, especially for a club like ours. But the only way to have ambition is not to stop, you always have to do and do. We knew it was going to be a difficult start, we recover players and the new ones played too. Nobody likes to start with two knockouts, but that’s not the problem on day two. Anyone who doesn’t want to be part of this group can opt out.”

What can we expect from the Sassuolo Championship? Will it be a more painful championship?

“A championship that is more difficult in some respects. This club and I believe in improving players through play and that’s what we’re going to do. The results give you more awareness, but we have changed a lot. If those are the performances, some.” Losses are welcome, not “There’s a problem, the results will come. This season will be more difficult than the previous one, but we will achieve the same and more satisfaction if we manage to grow quickly.”

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