March 4, 2024

NBA results: Dallas-Golden State and Towns and Ja Morant comebacks


The games count more now, they have become decisive. And the reigning champions are switching. The Warriors (38-36) win two straight away away games for the first time this season. They sweep Dallas to Houston and add a game and a half to the Mavericks, cementing sixth place in the West, the last to avoid the play-in. Now they also have favorable head-to-head comparisons with the Texans: 2-1 on the season. The deciding game at home against the Mavs (36-37) turned out to be Draymond Green’s 3-point play on Curry’s thirteenth assist of the night, 123-120 at 1:32 to play perfectly against Wood, who was off balance was, under the basket . Doncic, returning after 5 games with a left thigh injury, fails twice in the sprint to at least force overtime. Luka ends with 30 points and 17 assists. The Texans were without Irving, who missed a crucial game with a sore right foot on the season’s record. His previous commitment has seen a boom for the Cuban franchise.

Dallas: Doncic 30 (9/17, 2/10, 6/10 tl), Hardy 27, Wood 19. Rebounds: Doncic 7. Assists: Doncic 17.

Golden State: Kuminga 22 (7/8, 2/3, 2/2 Tl), Curry 20, Poole 16. Rebounds: Looney 12. Assists: Curry 13.

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