December 3, 2023

NBA, victories of Dallas and New Orleans, the results of the games


Tonight’s games: The Doncic-Irving pair doesn’t work for the Mavs, the Pelicans beat the Clippers and “see” the playoffs

Two NBA regular season games were played on the Italian night of April 2nd. Wins for the Miami Heat and New Orleans Pelicans against the Dallas Mavs and Los Angeles Clippers, respectively. That’s how the races went.

Miami Heat Dallas Mavericks 129-122

Proof of Miami pride. Jimmy Butler proud achievement. The Heat (41-37), coming back after three straight losses that eroded their chances of going straight to the playoffs, defeated Dallas and put on one of the best offensive performances of the season. They scored 129 points and shot over 52% from the field and gave up 27 assists against just 8 turnovers. Jimmy Bucket’s charm: 35 points shooting 12/16, 12 assists, no turnovers. And the crucial “bonus” in the final: 9 crucial points in a row for coach Spoelstra’s team, who approach Brooklyn in sixth place in the east. Excellent performance by Zeller, on his first start in place of the ailing Adebayo ( hip), 18 points in 19′ for Love off the bench, best offensive performance since arriving in Florida Miami, also by 18 points, is making a comeback down to -5 mavs but then knows how to find defensive stops when it matters most Dallas (37-41) appears to be in an irreversible crisis. Having lost 7 of the last 10 games he played, he fell down again, unable to defend. The coexistence between Doncic and Irving on this half of the pitch is worthy of Candid Camera: ” free cave for everyone” and everyone means every opponent. The Slovenian scores 42 efficient points, but that’s not enough, that can’t be enough: the side dish is mediocre and poorly coordinated. The Texans are 11th in the west, a game away from Oklahoma City and with the negative record in a direct clash with the Thunder, arriving with the same record. In short, the playoffs are bloody in jeopardy. These teams played the Finals of their respective conferences in 2022. It seems like a century ago… Fun Fact: A few hours before the tap-off at the start of the game, it was announced that the respective franchise symbols would become Wade and Nowitzki inducted into the Hall of Fame for the Class of 2023. dutiful.

You love me: Butler 35 (11/13, 1/3, 10/11 tl), Zeller 20, Love/Strus 18. Rebounds: Zeller 8. Assists: Butler 12

Dallas: Doncic 42 (15/19, 2/6, 6/7 tl), Hardaway 31, Irving 23. Rebounds: Doncic 10. Assists: Doncic 8

new orleans pelicans-los angeles clippers 122-114

Is there anyone in the NBA more unstoppable than Brandon Ingram right now? The answer is no. The New Orleans winger, last week’s player in the West, pawns the encore with another outstanding performance. Against the Clippers he scores 36 points and shoots 13/23 from the field, he even wins the duel with Kawhi Leonard, who responds with 40 but does not camouflage him in the sprint. The Pelicans (40-38) win for the seventh time in their last eight games, move up to seventh place in the West and are just half a game away from their last-beaten opponent, against whom they have a good head-to-head. game when they finish paired. Los Angeles (41-38) is on the ropes: Really risking slipping into the play-in without the injured George at least until the postseason starts. This time, a great first half by Westbrook and an in-form Leonard are not enough: coach Lue’s rotations are disruptive, the adjustments are always late compared to the opposing coach’s moves, Plumlee’s and Hyland’s additions from the market turn out to be a minus . And it shouldn’t surprise anyone. The difference in the evening is the 11:2 run, with which the team from Louisiana takes the lead 99:92. He will never look back. Ingram and Valanciunas keep them in the lead without even shaking. Closest Playoffs: The Pels are playing their best basketball at the most important moment of the season. And Williamson will still be missed if he returns…

New Orleans: Ingram 36 (13/23, 10/11 Tl), Valanciunas 23, McCollum/Murphy 19. Rebounds: Valanciunas 12. Assists: Ingram 8

Los Angeles: Leonard 40 (11/20, 4/8, 6/6 tl), Westbrook 24, Zubac 15. Rebounds: Leonard 8. Assists: Westbrook 9

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