March 4, 2024

NFL Football: Stroud, a star is born, Ravens from the Super Bowl


Houston’s freshman quarterback is playing a game of annals. In the AFC, Baltimore is a war machine

A star was born. CJ Stroud has already secured Freshman of the Year honors on offense. The Ohio State quarterback’s five touchdown passes and 470 yards passed made him just the sixth in league history with similar numbers. Before him, Jared Goff did it in 2018, Ben Roethlisberger in 2014, Peyton Manning in 2013, Donovan McNabb in 2004 and YA Tittle in 1962. In addition, the last drive that gave Houston the victory over Tampa started on the 40th Seconds before the end. Seventy yards were gained in an amen. A masterpiece.


Another name that came up on NFL Day 9 was Josh Dobbs. He came over from the Cardinals during the week and had to play after Jaren Hall was injured. He didn’t know the pieces, he didn’t even know the names of his recipients. But he managed to lead Minnesota to a very important playoff win at the Falcons. Chapeau.

The big ones

Miami has confirmed that they are an excellent team, but also that they are missing something to take the next step. It’s no coincidence that he only won against teams with a score under 50% and instead lost to Buffalo, Philadelphia and Kansas City. The news is that the Chiefs used their defense to win in Frankfurt, scoring just 21 points but holding them to 14. Thanks to the mix-ups on the Dolphins’ last drive. KC overcame the collapse with the Broncos and remains the most solid player in the AFC. Associated with the Ravens. Because dominating Seattle the way they did is no easy task. OK, the Seahawks may have been a little overrated, but Baltimore’s defense is scary – for a change. And the attack doesn’t miss a beat, with a very efficient running game. And then there is Cincy, who has violently returned to the top. The somewhat difficult but deserved victory over the Bills is confirmation of this. In the long term, they are the real rivals of Mahomes and Co. Even if it worries Ja’Marr Chase, who has a back problem and certainly didn’t make any reassuring statements about it yesterday.

“Do I look weird to you?”

Daniel Jones ended the season with a torn cruciate ligament. The Giants didn’t have high hopes for him either. But now that they have to rely on Tommy De Vito (pending the return of Tyrod Taylor)… Whom we expect to say to an opponent sooner or later: “Do I look weird to you?” You have said it, you’ll know, right? You said I was funny; But how come I’m funny, what the…do you find so funny about me, uh, tell me, tell me, what’s so funny?”

Yes, because – it’s the parents’ fault – it’s called “Goodfellas” just like the character Joe Pesci plays in Good Fellas. Two consecutive throws and two interceptions. Maybe he should go to the cinema…

Eagles calendar

Dallas Goedert, Phila’s tight end, was also seriously injured. Broken forearm and was out for a few weeks. Especially now, when the calendar is becoming impossible for the Eagles: in Kansas City, at home against Buffalo and San Francisco, in Dallas in the next 4 after the bye next Sunday. We’ll see how they get out of this. Against the Cowboys, they did just enough to win, even if Dallas tried hard at the end… And Jalen Hurts with that dancing knee is concerning.

The Super Bowl of the week

The Eagles chiefs are waiting for the Niners to show us if the worst is behind them (they’re in Jacksonville on Sunday, no picnic).

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