March 4, 2024

Nissan Z Safari Rally Tribute Concept, here is the perfect “Z” for mud and dirt


It will appear at Sema 2023 in Las Vegas and is a tribute to the world of rallying in the 70s. The Nissan Z Safari Rally Tribute Concept makes its debut in the USA. Derived from the recent Nissan Z, it rises off the ground and features a number of modifications to adapt it to driving on mud and dirt

Alessio Macaluso


– Milan

One of the most interesting innovations that will be presented in Las Vegas these days Sema 2023 that exists too Nissan Z Safari Rally Tribute Concept. A prototype born in the wake of the euphoria of the seventh generation of the Nissan Z, fresh from its presentation and a natural homage to the legendary racing car rally Datsun 240Z Who won?East African Safari Rally already in 1971.


It was the American who got his hands on it Tommy Pike, owner of the custom body shop of the same name in South Carolina, USA. Tommy and his team They mainly worked on the suspensions, strengthening them and Increasing ground clearance. Various interventions have also been made to increase the lifespan and reliability of the shock absorbers, preparing them for the transition from everyday life on the track to much dustier everyday life rally. Custom suspensions KW Safari and suspension components Nismo Increase the ground clearance of the coupe approx. 5 cm. Larger space that allows the tires to be stored Yokohama Geolander M/T Approved for the dirtiest and most irregular surfaces.


The leader in rally it certainly won’t be voted for Comfort. For this reason the Nissan Z Safari Rally It is equipped with solutions that protect both the body and the powertrain from violent impacts. It goes from reinforced front bumper, on the plate to protect the motor itself. Plus new lighting default of the “gentle” Nissan Z Sentence LED Nismo Off-road. Ideal solution for dusty night stages.

The cockpit

Apparently a man comes on board Roll bar completed ad hoc for the orphaned asphalt soul of this prototype. Seat belts are a 4 pointswhile the seats are signed Recaro with individual designs.

the motor

The information about the engine that moves the engine is sparse but interesting Nissan Z Safari Rally Tribute Concept. The heart is a gasoline 405 hp twin-turbo V6 power. In this case, too, the flywheel and clutch have been reinforced to withstand the stresses of driving on uneven surfaces. The engine unit is equipped, among other things, with an exhaust system Nismo Catback railCoolant expansion tank and heat exchanger.

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