February 27, 2024

Palermo, everyone is crazy about Di Francesco


The new signing from Rosanero against Feralpisalò came on as a substitute and scored a goal after six minutes. Coaches, teammates and the city rave about him, who thank him: “This is the best start I could ask for.”

Fabrizio Vitale


You can leave with a great goal and showcase yourself by signing your debut. Substituted again and again, and all in just a few minutes, that many are enough for Federico Di Francesco to make a name for himself. From the winning goal against Lazio as a final gift to Lecce to the 3-0 win against Feralpisalò as a gift card to Palermo, just 48 hours after his arrival. In the middle, the most important decision: to leave Serie A to try to recapture it with the Rosanero, two intense weeks full of tears, the farewell to Salento in the game against Fiorentina and the joy of having left his mark on his debut with the new jersey. Even he couldn’t imagine a summer like this.

What a debut

On Saturday it took him 6 minutes to enthrall Barbera’s 22,000 for a race that was effectively over but lacked the final seal. And the fact that Di Francesco has not only conquered the hearts of his new fans is shown by the dynamics of the goal action, in which Soleri preferred to create a kiss for the newcomer instead of a personal conclusion. A welcome gift that evoked a feeling of gratitude that will certainly soon be reciprocated. “The best start I could have asked for,” Di Francesco wrote on Instagram. Thank you everyone for the welcome. Well done guys, great win. Let’s keep it up.”

by Francesco Mania

The group welcomed him with open arms, Palermo even more so, as there is already Di Francesco mania on social media. The stop will allow him to better integrate into a context in which he is expected to play a leading role. Corini can reach his full potential as an outside attacker, both on the right and left side of the trident, but also as a backup striker if necessary. Di Francesco was the valuable piece of a high-profile market that must bear fruit in terms of advertising. Palermo invested in him and persisted even after sporting director Corvino’s first no: a three-year contract and over a million paid into Lecce’s coffers. But when a good morning starts in the morning…

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